Actilife Fitness Tracker


How do you count yours?

Are you currently inactive and struggle to motivate yourself to take part in physical activity?

Do you want to be part of the new and innovative technology programme to help you become more active and track your progress? Then challenge yourself with the new Actilife Garmin Vivoki!

If you want to take the first steps and become physically active, but have found it difficult in the past, then Actilife is a great way to get started!

  • Count calories burnt
  • Track distance & time
  • Step counter
  • Team challenges
  • Personal records
  • Monitor progress
  • Help you to achieve your goals
  • Web based application
  • Personal online coach.


We will provide you with a Garmin Vivoki to wear everyday that will accurately measure your levels of activity, whether this is at work, walking, attending the gym or doing your housework!

Buy now from only £40 or rent from only £10 per month!* Terms and conditions apply

Please note rental units are to be returned at the end of the rental period to the Crewe Lifestyle Centre 

Actilife is currently available at the Crewe Lifestyle Centre. For more information please visit the centre or call 01625 383943, email: