Club Development


Club Development

We aim to improve the infrastructure for local sports clubs.  One of the aims was to establish sport specific forum groups whose role would be to identify clubs needs, share good practice and identify gaps within the local community. This is a works in progress.

Club Development with the Leisure Development Team
  • Workshops.
  • Advice and support given on funding for specific club development.
  • Coordinating role for the club and county sports partnership.
  • Advice and guidance given relating to new legislations. National Governing Body of Sport Guidelines, government guidelines and their effect on the club infrastructure.
  • Support and help given in relation to promotion and events for the club.
  • Members of the Leisure Development Team sit on the local Sports Council Committee and play an active part in the decision making process for the community sports clubs, grant funding applications and distribution of information.


Sport Specific Development Groups

The Leisure Development Team aim to improve sports club infrastructures. Originally our aim was to establish sport specific forum groups, their role would be to identify clubs needs, share good practice and identify gaps within the local community. We have achieved this to an extent, but we are still working hard to increase the number, and quality of sport specific development groups across the whole of Cheshire East.



Introduced in 2002 by Sport England, Clubmark is the only cross sport quality accreditation scheme for clubs with junior sections. The safety of children is at the heart of the accreditation. Clubs must prove to be working to a set of minimum standards set out by Sport England .

Clubs that achieve Clubmark have proved that they are running at a quality standard. Clubmark accredited clubs have access to marketing resources, advise and guidance as well as support with up skill the club workforce.

Local Incentives
  • You could access more funding, from Cheshire East, and external organisations.
  • Access to Cheshire East Volunteer Programme.
  • Link with local schools
  • Support in Local Authority Projects including Partnership Olympic Festivals,.

If you wish to find out more about the Clubmark accreditation, please have a look at the Clubmark website 

Volunteering Programme

Leisure Development have a group of quality assured volunteers who are ready to be dispatched into local Clubs. We try to match clubs up with volunteers to assist local clubs with; coaches, officials, administrators, website coordinators and several other useful roles.

If you answer yes to the questions below you may be suitable to access our volunteer programme;

  • Are you a Clubmark club, or working towards the accreditation?
  • Do you have a Volunteer coordinator at your club?

For further information you can look on Volunteer Programme

School Club Links

Linking with a local school can be hugely beneficial for a sports club. Even something as simple as having a named contact in the school, who will hand out posters can be a great help for local sports recruiting players.

A School Club Link is an agreement between a school and a community based sports club to work together to;

  • Meet the needs of young people
  • Provide new and varied opportunities for young people
  • Help young people to realize their sporting potential
  • Agree good standards of provision

To formalise the link between local schools and clubs generic agreement has been put together, its important to complete a formal agreement and review on a regular basis.