Cygnet Swim


Cygnet Swim


Cygnet Swim is an inclusive swim session for families (including carers) with disabled children of all ages. The aim of the swim session is to provide the opportunity for a fun, non-judgmental, relaxing swim with like minded families or groups.

In the water children can use a variety of equipment including balls, floats and buoyancy aids to help them relax and have fun.

The swim session was set up following feedback from some families as they wanted to go swimming but were unable to attend a public swim for a number of reasons including children needing 1:1 support.

Sessions available:





How to book

Alsager Leisure Centre Sundays:

11th March 2018

8th April 2018

20th May 2018

10th June 2018

8th July 2018

13:00pm-14:00pm  Please just turn up for these sessions, there is no need to book.

Central Cheshire Buddy Scheme (CCBS) is a charity which supports children and young people with disabilities, their families and their siblings through a number of activity clubs. In particular CCBS have an activity group which supports children and young people who were not accessing any activities as they require additional support to do so. Many of these children and young people have complex health needs, severe autism or challenging behaviour.

CCBS have attended the Cygnet Swim bringing a group of 8-10 young people (plus support) to attend the session at Alsager Leisure Centre which has been very successful for the group.

Stephanie Lawley from CCBS commented,

“During swimming all the children and young people are engaged, they all enjoy swimming and the sensation of the water. It is good therapy for the children, helping them relax in a safe fun environment. Other activity venues have been crowded and other children have upset the group.

We have found the whole experience at Alsager Leisure Centre very positive, the staff have been fantastic catering for our users needs and we want to encourage more families to get active and have fun.”

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