Pregnancy Classes


Fit For Birth

Regular gentle exercise and staying a healthy weight can be beneficial for both mother and baby (as long as there are no complications.) Exercise can help with common health problems in pregnancy such as cramp, tiredness, poor circulation, poor posture and the ‘baby blues.’

We have a specific Fit for Birth programme for pregnant women, this will provide specialist help and support for women with a BMI of 30 plus who want to become physically active, eat a healthy balanced diet and improve their health during pregnancy.

Please note: If pregnant with identical twins you are not able to join either Fit for Birth or Aqua Natal, this is due to the twins being in same sack in the womb and can cause injury to each other as they bang together during movement.

The programme includes:

  • Individualised care planning from your midwife.
  • 12 week specialist support from an Ante and Post Natal Lifestyle Coach.
  • Free access to appropriate activities, including Gym, Swimming, Aqua Natal, Pilates, Yoga and much more.
  • Advice on eating a healthy and balanced diet throughout and beyond pregnancy.


Fit for Birth is a free 12 week programme for:

  • Cheshire East Residents
  • Have a BMI of 30 plus
  • Want to and motivated to have a healthy pregnancy by being more active and eating a healthy balanced diet
  • Exclusion criteria applies to ensure you are safe to exercise during pregnancy


To check your eligibilty or for further information please call 01625 383943 or email: