Healthy Spiced Fruit With Cinnamon Sticks

By lucy bourne April 24, 2020

Let’s get cooking Cheshire East! With everything that’s going on, let’s not forget to keep looking after ourselves, staying healthy and keeping as active as we can! Our health team will be sharing regular healthy recipes for you to make and enjoy, all as we ask is you don’t forget to share your food pics with us on social media Twitter and Instagram: @EBLeisure and Facebook: @EverybodySportRecreation.

Spiced Fruit With Cinnamon Sticks

This is a lovely way to enjoy a fresh warm fruit salad.

PREP TIME: 10 mins
SERVES: 4 portions

• 4 plums pitted and sliced
• 2 ripe pears cored and sliced
• 100ml unsweetened apple juice
• 25g sultanas
• 1 orange
• 4 slices wholemeal bread
• 1⁄2 tsp ground mixed spice (optional)
• 1 pinch ground cinnamon for sprinkling
• 4 tbsp low fat natural yoghurt

1. Put the plums and pears into a saucepan with the apple juice and 3 tablespoons of water. Add the mixed spice (if using) and sultanas or raisins.
Cook gently for about 10 minutes, until the plums and pears are tender.

2. While they are cooking, remove all the peel and pith from the orange. Slice the flesh into segments, removing all the membrane. Add the segments to the saucepan and stir gently to mix them in, and then share the fruit between 4 serving dishes.

3. Sprinkle the slices of bread with a little ground cinnamon, and then toast them lightly. Top each fruit salad with 1 tablespoon of low fat yoghurt and serve with the cinnamon toast.


*All nutritional information is approximate

Energy 191kcal
Protein 6g
Fat 1g
Saturates 0.4g
Dietary Fibre 4g
Salt 0.5g