What is Cardio Tennis?

Hardcore Hiit Cardio Tennis!

Cardio Tennis is a fun, sociable group fitness class set on a tennis court set to high energy music. Cardio tennis is for anyone at any level looking for a fun way to burn calories and interact with others on the tennis courts.

Cardio tennis is a high energy fitness class with bursts of high intensity activity followed by short bursts of recovery time. It combines the best features of tennis with cardiovascular exercise delivering the ultimate full body calorie burning on court HIIT class.

More information

Cardio Tennis Classes are for ages 14 plus, any standard/ any fitness level and all equipment is provided!

What do I need to bring?

Bring your own racket if you have one, if not don’t worry as you will be able to borrow one. Wear comfortable gym kit and trainers. You will be working up a sweat, so don’t forget to bring a bottle of water.

Do I need to be any good at tennis?


Cardio tennis is for anyone who wants to get fit and have a go at tennis. The class moves along quickly, so no one will be judging your skills and it doesn’t matter whether the ball goes in or out.

Do I need to be fit?


Cardio tennis is for anyone who wants to have fun getting fit outside of a gym environment.

What is a typical class like?

Warm up:

Some dynamic stretching around tennis focused strokes and movements, skills and drills to get your body warm and mind sharp before the workout begins. Heart rate of each person is taken at this time to give a range of BPM (Beats Per Minute) to work within during the session to ensure that each person works to their max heart rate.

Aerobic Section:

Here is your chance to hit loads of shots including forehands, backhands, serves and volleys, all mixed with a variety of music based fitness activities which challenges each individual at their personal fitness level. This is a period of high intensity activities followed by short recovery periods (interval training with a racket). During this time the group will measure their heart rate to ensure that they are not over working or if they can up their level of activity for the remainder of the session. The heart rate can be measured manually or with a heart rate monitor.

Cool Down:

Time to cool down. The tempo of activity reduces to bring the heart rate down and some static stretches.

When are these classes and how to book?

Launching: Thursday 4th August

Time: 6:45pm-7:45pm


Alderley Park Members: Included in your membership

Non Members: £9.99 or £8.99 with a wildcard


Spaces are limited and booking online is essential

If you have any questions please contact the team on: [email protected]