Speedflex Studio in Wilmslow

Without getting too technical, you only get what you give. Speedflex machines respond to you!

Suitable for anyone of any age or fitness level, Speedflex enables everyone to exercise at high intensities, but at levels set by each individual.

This coupled with the added benefit of little (or no) post training muscle soreness; Speedflex is efficient, enjoyable and delivers a cardiovascular and resistance workout simultaneously.



Jason Manford and Dion Dublin at Speedflex

Jason Manford and Dion Dublin at Speedflex Studio Wilmslow Leisure Centre



On 12th September, the brand new Speedflex Studio at Wilmslow Leisure Centre will officially open. The star studded event is not to be missed for fitness fanatics and anyone wanting get fit and healthy with this innovative workout!

Former England Footballer and now TV Presenter, Dion Dublin has been regularly working out in the new Speedflex Studio and has become the Wilmslow Speedflex Ambassador. Dion, alongside Speedflex Ambassadors, special celebrity guests and master Speedflex trainers, will be welcoming current and new members for taster workout classes at the open event.

The opening event is on Wednesday 12th September, 7pm-9pm at Speedflex Wilmslow Leisure Centre and will include;

  • Taster workouts with the Speedflex master trainers on the hour, every hour
  • There will be an opportunity to sign up to a Speedflex membership along with exclusive offers and discounts
  • Champagne and canapes provided by Taste for Life
  • Goody bags for all that come along to the event

THIS EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT! All spaces for the taster sessions have been filled but if you want to come down and find out more or are interested in signing up to our newsletter register your interest below

What's in the SpeedFlex Studio?

Over 100 exercises can be performed on a Speedflex machine, allowing you to perform almost all movement patterns to optimise full body strength.

Speedflex machines have a free motion bar which, unlike traditional resistance exercise machines, requires you to apply force through an entire exercise, as opposed to force in one direction, followed by a controlled movement back to the starting position. This means that even the most basic of exercises will become bigger and more complex, requiring the use of opposite muscle groups.

As there are no weights and the resistance is set at all times in both directions, the momentum you would usually experience during resistance training, is eliminated, meaning you must work to your optimum level to complete the exercise.

Speedflex machines also operate on a closed loop circuit which means resistance is automatically adjusted in response to you. When your body begins to fatigue, the machine will adjust the resistance to maintain an individualised optimum workout.

Speedflex Studio Prices

Everybody Member PriceNon-Everybody Member Price
Speedflex Monthly Membership £29.99Speedflex Monthly Membership £69.99
Casual Class £9.99Casual Class £14.99




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