A step by step guide to Everybody online bookings system for Gym and Classes


You can now book in advance your favourite classes and to use our gyms at all 16 of our leisure centres. Swimming booking guidance can be found here: everybody.org.uk/swimmingguidance/#booking 

Need to register for an online bookings account? No problem! You can sign up and book online here: https://portal.everybody.org.uk/bookings

We are operating a Covid Secure Leisure Centre so we need you to help us remain safe for all customers and staff to visit WATCH OUR VIDEO with the latest guidance on what to expect when visiting.



Step by step guide:

  1. Digital Online Sign-ups – All membership sign-ups to be completed online.
  2. Online Booking Portal – All activities and sessions must be booked through the online bookings portal found at the top right of our homepage at everybody.org.uk labelled as “My Bookings”
  3. Who Can Book Online and Pricing If you have an online bookings account you can book activities for yourself and other members you are primary linked to. You are also able to book and pay for a non-member
  4. Step by Step Guide to Booking a Class or Gym Session


  1. Digital Online Sign-ups

You can now register for an Everybody Membership online and sign up to our casual Wildcard

Sign Up Online by visiting the online membership portal at www.everybody.org.uk

If you require additional support or for no pay members to be added to your joint or family account then you should call the customer service team Monday – Friday between 9am-6pm and select option 2 on the automated menu.

  1. Online Booking Portal

Members – These include direct debit, annual pass, options, Wildcard and casual customers who already have a membership with a valid membership number (Skip to stage2)

None Members – Have no active record or membership number with Everybody

To create an account that enables you to book gym, swim and classes online then all of our customers now need  to follow a two stage process.

  1. Sign up to an Everybody Membership – Using the online membership portal at everybody.org.uk a variety of options from Wildcard for casual use to direct debits and annual passes can be selected, purchased and set up. *Once an application is successfully completed you will receive a confirmation email which includes a unique membership number which will be required when registering for online bookings so please keep this is a safe place!*
  2. Create an Online Bookings Account – Using the online bookings portal at https://portal.everybody.org.uk/bookings/Account/Register and a membership number for security verification, all records used to create the membership account MUST match every field completed when registering for an online bookings account. Any mis-match or failure to complete these fields will result in you receiving an error message and failure to create an online bookings account.


If you do not know your membership number you can find it on your membership sign up email or any email communication from Everybody.  If you are having problems registering with an account you can create a support ticket at www.everybody.org.uk/contact  where an agent will help to create an account and guide you through the booking process.

Please be aware that you will need to confirm your security details such as name, address, postcode and DOB for your membership number to be provided.


  1. Who Can Book Online and Pricing

Primary Paying Members – Also have the ability to book for any other members who are primary linked to their account, this includes children or other family members and friends that could be linked through a family or joint membership.

As well as this they also have the ability to book a session for a none member, all details of the none member must be provided before the booking is complete.

Linked Members with an Online Booking Account – Also have the ability to book an activity or session for none members but can’t book on behalf of other members who are primary linked to them.

The online booking system will recognise the relevant charge for membership category applied to any account and charge accordingly.  Therefore, free for full members, discounted rate for options will be applied.

If a non-member’s details are added and a booking is completed, then only one default price can be applied which will be the full standard priced rate.

Where a customer requires discounted rate they must complete the relevant membership application, then create an online bookings account to make their own bookings or be linked to a primary payer with an online bookings account who can make bookings on their behalf.


  1. Step by Step Guide to Booking a Class or Activity

  • Log in
  • Select ‘Sport and Swimming’ or ‘Group Fitness and Gym’ in the ‘I want to book’ section (Gym and PT session are included within classes)
  • Select Site
  • Select Specific Activity or Class
  • Select Date
  • Select From (time range)
  • Then click search
  • Available sessions and activities will appear displaying all the details including cost
  • Click on the add to basket icon then ok
  • This takes you to the shopping basket where the full details of the booking are displayed
  • At this stage clicking on the displayed name gives the ability to also book in behalf of any primary linked members or none members
  • Check the box to accept the terms and conditions the click on the Checkout button
  • To complete either proceed to ‘Online Card Payment’ where card details need to be entered to complete the booking
  • or when booking a zero priced activity click on the make booking link at the bottom of the screen
  • The Transaction Successful screen will be displayed
  • Followed by the Order confirmation page, this includes a payment reference and printable receipt
  • A confirmation email will also be sent to the email address of the primary member

If you are still having problems registering with an account you can create a support ticket at www.everybody.org.uk/contact  where an agent will help to create an account and guide you through the booking process.