Body Confidence Week

By Everybody Sport October 17, 2014

10.2 million British women do not exercise because of body anxiety


There has been a huge focus on Body Confidence Week with the Be Real Campaign highlighting some seriously shocking statistics for women in the UK.

Almost 10 million women in the UK have reported that they ‘feel depressed’ because of the way they look, according to the new research. Out of the 2,339 women surveyed, 36 per cent say they do not exercise due to the way they feel they look. While 26 per cent struggle to stick to exercise regimes, and a quarter skip meals to lose weight. (source: Telegraph)

We have spoken to some of our fitness instructors and want to highlight the dangers of inactivity and skipping meals to lose weight along with providing you some top tips on staying motivated when exercising.

The Facts:


  1. Did you know that Inactivity, not calorie consumption is though to be the blame for obesity in the UK? ‘The Fat Lie’ by Christopher Snowdon studies evidence from DEFRA, the National Diet and Nutrition Survey, the ONS and the British Heart Foundation and has found that the rise in obesity amongst the UK population has been primarily caused by a decline in physical activity not necessarily an increase in calorie consumption.
  2. For every 500 kcal of extra energy spent per week your likelihood of type 2 diabetes is 6% less
  3. Physical inactivity is one of the leading causes of death in developed countries, responsible for an estimated 22-23% of CHD, 16-17% of colon cancer, 15% of diabetes, 12-13% of strokes and 11% of breast cancer. Source: World Health Organisation (2002) 


Skipping Meals Diet – The Truth


By skipping meals such as breakfast and lunch, you are actually more likely to binge when you do finally get around to eating according to National Institutes of Health. What does this mean for your weight loss? Well you might see the opposite! More calorie intake in the evenings, decreased motivation and low energy levels means fewer burned calories.

Fatigue, dizziness or fainting can also be side effects of skipping meals according to Columbia University. There are also long term effects such as anemia, bone loss, thyroid function impairment, decreased immunity and worsening dental health.


Stay Motivated:


Tip 1: Bring a friend – it has been proven that people who join a gym or fitness class with a friend often stay more motivated to continue their fitness regime than those who go it alone.

Tip 2: Take your measurements – this might sound daunting to those who do have body confidence issues but it can be a big step forward for those wanting to overcome their body anxiety and start on a healthier journey. By taking your measurements before you embark on your new fitness regime and regularly reviewing your progress, as soon as you start to see an improvement you will be motivated to keep going!

Tip 3: Focus on realistic goals – rather than focusing on just your weight loss, put in place a realistic fitness goal such as a ‘Coach to 5k’ challenge. By aiming towards a distance you can run or jog you are more likely to keep training. Even better, sign up to an event!


At Everybody Leisure our aims include being able to provide ‘Leisure for Life’ and change lives through healthy recreation. We can help you to change the way you think about your body and feel more confident to exercise. Why not visit your local Leisure Centre and speak to a member of our fitness team to help set your goals for a healthier, fitter and more confident you?