Healthy Halloween Treats

By Everybody Sport October 21, 2014

Any health enthusiast will be well aware of the dietary pitfalls associated with the major holiday periods; Christmas and Easter in particular can soon turn into a day (or days!) of gluttony. One which perhaps doesn’t carry the same reputation for excess – but can be equally damaging to the waistline – is the fast-approaching Halloween. With toffee apples and ghoulish cupcakes on offer, as well as a range of ‘trick or treat’ goodies for the kids, it’s easy to lose track of all those extra calories.

If you’d rather enjoy a guilt-free Halloween, why not try some of these Everybody-recommended healthy alternatives? Swap the chocolates and sweets for these tasty options and you’ll instantly reduce the fat and sugar content to avoid undoing all of that hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym.

Fruity Ghosts & Pumpkins

Half a banana makes for a really simple ghostly treat – use mini chocolate buttons for the eyes and mouth. Small clementines or satsumas can act as miniature pumpkins, with a piece of celery or grape to create the stalk on top. These are a low fat solution to satisfy a sweet tooth at any Halloween party.

452657145Pumpkin Soup

Throw all of that leftover pumpkin puree into a saucepan with onion, black pepper, cinnamon and a touch of chilli powder for a slightly spicy low calorie soup. The chilli is a little boost for your metabolism and pumpkin counts as one of your five a day.

Spooky Sweet Potato Crisps

Thinly slice a sweet potato, which is a much healthier source of carbohydrates than white potato, and cut into whatever scary shapes you want – ghosts, witches hats, jack-o-lanterns and cauldrons all work brilliantly. Rub with a little oil and roast on a high heat until slightly crispy – about twenty minutes should do it.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

You can get all kinds of healthy fats from nuts and seeds. Roast pumpkin seeds after sprinkling with a pinch of sea salt to serve as a savoury nibble.

Healthy Candy Apples

Coat crisp, green apples in peanut butter rather than caramel to reduce the sugar content without sacrificing any of the flavour. Sprinkle on chopped nuts as well for an added crunch. There’s no cooking required for this one – just tuck straight in!

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