How Stuart lost 9 stone with the Everybody Challenge

By Everybody Sport December 29, 2014

Stuart Vaughan, 24 from Nantwich, Cheshire recently took on the Everybody Challenge of exercising for at least 30 minutes five times per week and has managed to lose an incredible 9 stone.

Weighing in at over 24 stone, Stuart realised it was time to make a huge lifestyle change and start his journey to become a healthy, slim and active young man. His work, relationships and overall confidence was suffering due to his size, so he made a conscious effort to visit his local leisure centre to seek advice about how to lose weight.

Stuart admits that it is not just exercise that has made him lose the weight but he has had to change his eating habits too.He said,

 ‘You don’t get to 24 stone without eating a lot. I have had to change my diet as well as exercise five times a week. I still eat the things that I like, I just now have smaller portions and in moderation.’

Stuart goes to Nantwich Pool and uses the gym five times a week followed by a swim in either the indoor or outdoor pool depending on the season. He insists that setting a realistic goal helped him to shed the pounds quicker,

‘you have to set yourself a target and then just go for it.I wanted to lose as much weight in 6 months as I could and I lost 9 stone in that time.’

He admits it can be a little daunting if you have never been to a gym before but was offered a lot of encouragement from the fitness staff and other members,

‘I had never been in a gym before so the instructors had to show me what to do, told me what I should eat and also put a plan together for me and helped me to change it throughout the programme to suit my goals.

‘It has become less of a chore to come to the gym and now I see it as a hobby, it becomes quite addictive. I have less worries on my mind about my health and what else comes with being over weight and I can now go out in public with more confidence.’

As like many others, Stuart now see’s photographs from before his weight loss and does not recognise his old self. He admits that he didn’t realise how big he had got until people show him old photographs.

stuart before and after

Stuart before and after he took on the #Everybody Challenge

His goal is now to maintain his weight loss and carry on enjoying his workout routine.

David Morris, Facility Manager at Nantwich Pool commented,

‘It is great to see Stuarts transformation and it gives others the motivation and inspiration that if they stick at their goals and ask for advice then weight loss and better health is achievable.

The Everybody Challenge is encouraging our current members and people in our community to get active and lead healthier lives. Whether that is walking your dog in the park every day or using one of the Everybody centres making use of the gym, pools or fitness classes just 30 minutes a day can make a huge difference.’

To hear more about how Stuart achieved his goal and how to enter the Everybody Challenge to win a lifetime membership with Everybody Leisure watch the video below:

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