Easter Egg-cuses

By Everybody Sport April 3, 2015


by Chris Garton, Fitness Advisor at Alsager Leisure Centre

It’s that time again, when Easter Bunny tempts us over to the dark side with chocolate.  If you only eat sweets as an occasional treat then don’t worry, but if Easter eggs mean egg-cess and you stuff yourself like a grizzly bear preparing for Winter, then those eggo-maniacs amongst you might want to read more.  Yes I’m using lots of painful egg puns.  I promise not to do that any more … than another half dozen times.

Did you know?
  1. Real eggs are full of protein and vitamins and are very healthy! They won’t harm your cholesterol level as once thought either.
  2. The average Easter egg with sweets inside comes to 1000 calories of artery clogging processed fat and immune system depressing obesity inducing sugar. Egg-stremely unhealthy.
  3. Burning 1000 calories = walking at 3 MPH for nearly three and a half hours. Most folk don’t walk that much in a fortnight.


Top Tip!

Resist eating your Easter egg all at once as the sugar rush will spike your insulin level.  This will result in low blood sugar, making you hungry, eggs-hausted, and will encourage fat storage.  Best make it last all Easter and only have a little for dessert after a healthy meal. A little of what you fancy!

Chocolate Facts

Chocolate does have health benefits.  It contains antioxidants which can reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. It also contains immune boosting Zinc and Flavanols which can improve blood pressure. However, only dark chocolate (at least 35% Cocoa) does this! Milk chocolate does not, and white chocolate contains no chocolate at all.

Chocolate does stimulate Serotonin levels in the brain. This is a neurotransmitter that helps you feel good (egg-static), and explains the ‘hit’ we experience.  Lack of Serotonin leads to depression and aggression, so if you rely on chocolate for comfort and get urges to binge you may be lacking certain nutrients or need professional help. Talk to a medical advisor if concerned.  The amount of chocolate that is beneficial exceeds no more than one small square per day or half a standard bar a week.

Indulge without putting on weight…
  1. Go for the highest cocoa percentage possible, and only cocoa butter as it’s fat source.
  2. Choose one with the lowest sugar and additives possible, as some even contain lead!


Got it? Egg-cellent!

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