Top Tips For Exercising This Winter

By Everybody Sport November 27, 2015

The cold dark nights are drawing in, the sofa with the fire blazing sounds so much more appealing than exercising.We are here to help you keep your motivation high this winter and keep up all the hard work you have already achieved this year.


1. Try something new- If running is your thing but the weather puts you off, don’t worry your exercise doesn’t have to stop. Bring your running into the gym or why not try a high intensity fitness class.

2. Swimming can seem a chore in the winter months, getting out of the pool when its cold outside never seems appealing. Why not try an aqua fit class to really get the heart pumping or speak to one of our swimming instructors for a programme.

3. Wrap up warm- don’t forget to wrap up warm when leaving the house/gym (maybe you want to treat yourself to a new gym outfit…..).

4. Don’t forget how exercise makes you feel. How many times have you dragged yourself to a class thinking “I really wish I wasn’t going tonight” knowing afterwards you can’t wait till the following week to go again. Exercise is proven to make you feel good and remember it’s your “me time”.

5. Exercise with a friend- It always helps if you have somebody to motivate you, especially on those days you really don’t feel like doing anything. Having a leisurely swim whilst catching up with a friend can always pass the time. Working together in a class brings so much more fun and laughter to any workout or maybe you fancy something different like a spot of badminton or squash.

6. Meals- Always have something homely, warm and filling prepared to have as soon as you get home. We always love a good stew to come home to. Batch cooking always helps for those nights when you just want to pull anything out the freezer.


7. How much work have you put into exercising so far? Whether you have been exercising for 10 days, 10 weeks or 10 years don’t lose what you’ve already achieved. Keep up with your routine and don’t let anything get in your way.winter warmer

8. “I’ll start again in the new year” I’ve said that a few times, knowing how hard it is to start all over again, it’s easier to keep going with it. Why not have a change and try something different every week? We offer all sorts of activities as well as classes at our centres for you to try something new.

9. Why not try our running club to keep you motivated in the winter. If running is something you really enjoy why not have the motivation and inspiration from other members and an instructor to help you along the way.

10. Our personal trainers are here to give you a helping hand- Whatever your goal, we know how hard it is to achieve them alone, especially during the winter. Book in for your FREE consultation to work out the best training plan for you.

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