Tips From Our Trainers

By Everybody Sport February 4, 2016

Fitness Instructors from Holmes Chapel Community Centre share their health and fitness tips of the month with customers so you get the best out of your workouts!

Nutrition Tips Of The Month

So why Water?

Hydrates the body

Helps keep joints lubricated

Helps maintain body temperature

Contains no calories

Aim for 6-8 glasses a day (200ml glass = 1.2l – 1.4l a day)

If you are doing more or it is warmer you will need to drink more

What about fruit juice / smoothies?

+ Full of vitamins

Only counts towards one of your five a day no matter how much you have.

– Contains little to no fibre

– Natural sugars quickly and easily absorbed into the body like added sugars

One portion = 150ml

Exercise Move Of The Month


Works the upper back, arms and core

  1. Take hold of the handles and stand around 45o (feet closer to the anchor = harder, further away makes it easier)
  2. Start with straight arms, and pull your body towards the handles.
  3. Slowly allow your arms to come back to the start position.
  4. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, but don’t shrug your shoulders

Try to start by doing 3 sets of 10 reps with 45 secs rest between sets.



Finish:HCCC TRX finish

Class Of The Month IMG_4453


Les Mills GRIT Series

30-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Can cater for all abilities from beginner to advanced gym users.

GRIT Strength – uses barbells, plates and bodyweight exercises to build and develop power.

GRIT Plyo – uses plates and bodyweight exercises to build speed and endurance.

GRIT Cardio – uses body weight exercises to develop overall lung and heart function.

For more information on classes at Holmes Chapel Community Centre click here.

What members say!

“GRIT is the best half hour of the week. Great instructor, it’s hard work, but fun”

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