Couple Up Your Workout!

By Everybody Sport February 11, 2016

Couple Up Your Workout!


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching we have released a special round of workouts to celebrate! Couple up this weekend and join in the latest Everybody Fitness Challenge, you might even be in with a chance of winning the latest fitness tracker!

Whether with your partner, friend or colleague we have a workout that you can do at your local leisure centre, guaranteed to keep you motivated, reach your goals and have fun at the same time.

Click on the workout image below to be taken to the WORKOUT VIDEO!


Core Ball Rotational Twist

Work on your core strength including abs and obliques!

coreball pass










Medicine Ball Pass to Partner

Work your core muscles and tone those stomachs!

medicine ball pass









Squat Pass

work your glutes with a strong squat workout!










Side Plank Pass

Perfect to tone arms and strengthen your core stability

sideplank pass










Over and Under

Feel the burn with this shoulder and core workout











 Couble up



Boxing Jab Sit up

Tense those stomach muscles and take out any frustrations with a boxing jab situp!

boxing sit up










Wheelbarrow Squat

Testing your strength and posture work your arms, legs and all over core!

wheelbarrow squat










Burpee Challenge

The burpee is a favourite – which one of your will give up first?











Walking Lunges

Stretch and strength with deep walking lunges, added weight of the core bag will test your muscles

corebag lunge










Boxing Jab Workout

Keep those punches strong for a fast paced arm workout