29 Day Ab Transformation Challenge

By Everybody Sport May 11, 2016

Transform your abs in 29 days!


PT Bethan

PT Bethan

Bethan Longman, Personal Trainer at Macclesfield Leisure Centre has recently set a 29 day ab challenge with members of the fitness facility. Named the ‘leap year challenge’  Bethan tasked six Everybody members with the challenge to complete a series of exercises of 29 days to work on the tranformation of their abs.

“I wanted to show some of my clients and members of Everybody, that you can start to see huge transformations in your body after just one month! The leap year challenge is focused on your core, working on the abdominal muscles with three simple exercises.

It was important for everyone who took part to take a ‘before’ picture to really see the difference, and wow hard work really does pay off after seeing the results!

I will be setting challenges like this every month at Macclesfield Leisure Centre, so make sure you check the notice boards or come and ask an instructor how to take part.”

The Workout


To help you create definition in your abs and build up your core strength, our personal trainer Bethan has put together a 29 day programme of sit ups, crunches and leg raises designed to make you sweat but get the best results ready for the summer months! As the month goes on the number of repetitions will increase until you can reach an ‘as many as you can until you fail’ goal!

The results we have seen with six of our Everybody members are amazing and this challenge is the best way to introduce a structured routine to your workout plan, getting you motivated and addicted to keeping fit and seeing a positive transformation in your body.

leap year challenge


The Results


Take a look at the results below! The pictures were taken the day before the 29 day challenge and then on day 30!

MACC 29 day























We caught up with all six of the challengers and asked them what they thought of the 29 day leap year challenge!

q: How did the Ab challenge make you feel?


a. I felt really good after the exercises, even though it wasn’t a full 1 hour workout, I felt the different straight after.

b. I didn’t think I’d be able to do anything past 30.

c. It was pretty though, especially towards the end but as soon as I hit my goal everyday it felt really good!

d. I enjoyed the challenge, it made me feel motivated.

e. Wanting to push myself but no exerting myself or anything like that.

f. Made me feel motivated and will continue with different AB variants.

q: Was it easier than expected?


a. At first it felt really easy, but towards the end it was a struggle. No matter what stage you might be at, the struggle is real!

b. By the end they weren’t even hurting till 50.

c. The idea of doing 50 leg raises on 1 day seemed impossible but on day 29 I managed 205!

d. It was just as expected, but time flew.

e. Yes I was surprised.

f. It was so simple to follow. I had to work hard, but the challenge and the results kept me motivated.

q: Are you happy with the results?


a. Yes! I cant believe the difference in just a month! It is amazing! So I am a lot more determined to keep it up because hard work really does pay off.

b. I did 160 yesterday to finish.

c. I’m incredibly proud of my results and I’m going to repeat the challenge with crunches.

d. I am happy but I might do the challenge again this month to get even better results. I ended up doing 200 leg raises on the last day.

e. I am very happy, I am doing it again in March.

f. I am most definitely happy with my results.

You can find the latest fitness challenges at your local leisure centre fitness suite! Speak to one of our helpful instructors who will be able to provide you with the best programme to suit your training goals.

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