12 Week Lifestyle Coach Programme Results 2015/16

By Everybody Sport July 1, 2016

165 people go from inactive to active with Lifestyle Coach programme


Dedicated Lifestyle Coaches as part of Everybody Healthy have been on hand to guide inactive users and help them on their journey to a more active lifestyle. Lifestyle Coaches at Crewe Lifestyle Centre and Macclesfield Leisure Centre have been able to help those with lifestyle risk factors including obesity and physical inactivity to get active over a 12 week support programme.

In 2015/16 the Lifestyle Coach programme in Crewe and Macclesfield saw 274 people complete the 12 week programme losing on average 11kg in weight and reducing their waist measurements by 5cm. 165 people went from inactive to active and 23 have reduced their medication for diabetes, high blood pressure and depression.

Further success of the programme can be found in the infographic below!

lifestyle coaches




12 week Lifestyle Coach Programme – Neil Brookfield, Member of the Month

“It all started with a trip to the doctors for a health check. The G.P. advised me to increase my exercise levels and improve my nutritional intake. Unsure of how I was going to do this the G.P. referred me to the Lifestyle Coach Programme at Everybody Sport and Recreation – Crewe Lifestyle Centre.

neil brookfieldI received a phone call from one of the Lifestyle Coaches, Kevin. I was invited down for a consultation and tour of the facilities.

On the day of the consultation I met with Kevin who greeted me and conducted a short lifestyle questionnaire. This gave me an understanding of what was good with my lifestyle choices and what could be better.

With the lifestyle coach we agreed to improve my activity levels and completed a Personal health Plan which mapped out my chosen activities I wanted to take part in.

Following the consultation I undertook an induction and a tailored training programme with weekly to fortnightly reviews to keep me motivated and on track with my lifestyle change. I found Kevin was very approachable and friendly. He never pushed me into activities or exercises I didn’t want to do.

At the start of the programme I made small changes like increased walking, going the gym once to twice a week. These small changes soon started to grow and being active became a part of my daily routine. I now walk most days and have reduced using the car. I visit the Crewe Lifestyle Centre fitness suite twice a week and have now started swimming, something I didn’t do before with low self-esteem and being body conscious.
With the support and motivation from the lifestyle coach I started to see real changes and found myself wanting to do more, I didn’t want to go back to old habits. Seeing the positive changes has given me the motivation to maintain my improved lifestyle and continue progressing.


At the end of the 12 week programme I’m now exercising 5 days per week and have seen many health benefits, including:

  • 4 kg weight loss
  • 3 BMI reduction
  • 8cm loss on his waist circumference
  • Blood pressure reduced
  • Being more active
  • Improved healthy eating choices
  • Improved mental health with improved self-esteem, more at ease and feeling well.


I have now taken out a membership and would recommend the programme to anyone who needs support to improve their lifestyle. I found the lifestyle coach gave encouragement, motivation and helped me reduce any barriers to change. I have found myself now supporting my family to make lifestyle changes. My wife now has a “smart watch” and we compete on the number of steps taken. She’s gone from getting a 5 mile taxi ride to work to now walking. I have also purchased a bike for my wife to enjoy on family holidays.”

“I’m starting to like myself more and taking more pride in my appearance. It started with small lifestyle changes from increasing walking, by not using the car as much on short journeys. Then I found myself wanting to do more and I started seeing positive results. I now train in the fitness suite twice a week, swim once and have increase my walking steps everyday and cycle more…” Neil Brookfield, Member of the Month

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