"Life changing" results for Bob after making health and fitness changes

By Everybody Sport July 21, 2016


Bob is a member at Alsager Leisure Centre and has been since 3rd February 2012. After joining to improve his health and fitness Bob has now lost an amazing 5 stone, lost 14 inch’s off his waist and it doesn’t stop there.

It all started when Bob decided to attend the gym after dropping his Granddaughter off at school, he enquired at reception and was referred to the fitness instructor Chris Garton.  During their induction Chris discussed the different exercises Bob could carry out to produce a fitness programme. This was reviewed on a regular basis, exercises were changed throughout to ensure Bob was happy, had a varied exercise programme and most importantly he started to see all of his fantastic results and health benefits.

Bob’s programme includes 10 different exercises with a variety of stretches to finish the session which he now carries out 5 times a week, in January 2016 Bob was taken off his Heart medication which he had taken for 10 years all through exercising and healthy eating.

Chris Garton explains “We find nothing more satisfying than seeing people amaze themselves, and what Bob has achieved is amazing. He listens to any advice he is given and gets on with it. His determination has rewarded him justly and serves as an example to others.”

Bob explains “Chris was enthusiastic from the beginning. I find stretching easier now after stopping the medication, my blood pressure is down, I feel more active, I eat healthier and have changed my eating methods, I enjoy a lot of fish, chicken, salads and veg.”

Bob continued, “The Leisure Centre is a friendly place and I enjoy the interaction with other customers the social aspect is a very important part, it’s a wonderful facility with lovely new equipment, it is a miracle place for me, a God send and has changed my life.”

For anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness, Bob truly understands the pressures we all face and finding time to attend the gym, classes and swimming can be very hard.

His advice would be, “TChris and Bobake responsibility, get out there and do more exercise.”

Bob has achieved so much in 4 years, by making changes to his health and fitness certainly has “changed his life.”

“I would advise anyone embarking on a fitness plan to set clear goals, and to book a programme with a qualified seasoned instructor. It is the only way you will train correctly and safely, and guarantee results. Do not be afraid to ask questions. This gives you the opportunity to check that the coach knows their stuff, and gives the coach the opportunity to help you.” Says Chris.

What ever your health and fitness goals, you too could make some amazing changes just like Bob. For more information on our Everybody Facilities, please visit our website, or contact us on [email protected]