Training for Tough Mudder

By Everybody Sport September 15, 2016

From ‘hitting a wall’ to completing Tough Mudder, a customer journey…


Personal Trainer Sam Bottomley has recently been working with client Chandra to get her ready for one of the most challenging obstacle runs  – Tough Mudder!

She explains the journey her and Chandra went through to prepare for the event and make sure Chandra was fit enough to enjoy the experience.

Sam Bottomley Personal Trainer

Sam Bottomley Personal Trainer

‘Chandra approached me in one of my fitness classes to ask for advice on what was the best training to do for Tough Mudder, but also she explained that she felt she had ‘hit a wall’. This happens to many members, they work out regularly, attend fitness classes, but stop noticing a change. It is known as a plateau, basically, if you just do what you’ve already done, you will only ever achieve what you’ve already achieved. Chandra took me up on 5 Personal Training sessions, attending 1 a week with me and repeating the session again before our next session, also I advised her on which fitness classes would complement her training.

‘I designed each of the sessions to be fun as Chandra had explained that she easily gets bored using the gym. She worked incredibly hard, and I enjoyed helping her, she threw herself into everything, and I knew that attitude alone would get her through Tough Mudder. As well as the results mentioned above her BMR score (effectiveness of metabolism) increased from 14/24 to 15/24, and her metabolic age went from 33years, down to 29years. Which is fantastic considering she is 45!

Chandra managed to complete Tough Mudder with friends and as a result of her training saw a great improvement in her fitness and overall health. Chandra is now looking to take everything she learnt from Sam and continue with her fitness journey.

Chandra, 45 from Crewe commented,


Chandra and friends completing Tough Mudder

‘I decided to do 5 PT sessions with Sam to help me with my training for Tough Mudder. I don’t like jogging so Sam made these sessions fun for me but very hard work and challenging. Every week I learnt something different. Every week I was pushed to my limits. Every week I felt the results working. But surprisingly, every week I loved it and looked forward to the next.

She continued, ‘It was great that we used the Boditrax machine before starting the sessions and then at week 5 to see the results after. My results in just 5 weeks were great. I lost 1.9kg body weight, fat percentage -2.9%, increased muscle mass by 0.8kg reduced fat mass -2.7kg, Visceral fat rate -1. I would recommend Sam’s PT sessions to anyone. I have much more knowledge and confidence now to go into the gym and I have varied exercise routines to help keep me to improving.’



Well done Chandra, and great job on your Tough Mudder!

Sam Bottomley is a personal trainer at Crewe Lifestyle Centre and Shavington Leisure Centre and specialises in weight loss and goal setting.

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