National Apprenticeship Week 2017

By Everybody Sport March 9, 2017

Everybody Sport and Recreation are now recruiting our third cohort of apprentices who support in a variety of roles throughout the business. We have recently been named Cheshire Buisness Awards’ Apprenticeship of the Year and are committed to continuing the ongoing development of our apprentices. We will offer full time employment to all sucessful apprentices at the end of their 2 year apprenticeship. In support of this week’s National Apprenticeship Week, Bentley Motors in Crewe provided an Apprentice Networking Event which we sent our Sports Development Apprentice, Courtney, along to.

Within her time at Bentley, Courtney was given the opportunity to engage in team building activities with other apprentices from throughout Cheshire, plus take part in a seminar led by ex-apprentices who have won awards for their contribution to their organisations. Everyone then had an opportunity to share certain experiences as apprenticeships and learn from each other. Courtney explained, “This event allowed us to learn the importance of being open and able to network with others both within our own organisations, and with other organisations too”.

Bentley Motors Apprentice Networking Event

Richard Roeton, Learning and Development Manager at Everybody added, “The Bentley apprentice network event was organised as a showcase for local apprenticeships as part of National Apprenticeship Week, giving apprentices the opportunity to meet other apprentices and learn from their experiences. Events of this nature are excellent learning and sharing opportunities that we are happy to support.”

Our apprentice opportunities are ever-growing. Currently we offer apprenticeships in:

  • Business Support
  • Hospitality and Catering
  • Lifeguarding
  • Health and Wellbeing


Our apprentice opportunities are ever growing. Currently we offer apprenticeships in;

  •  Leisure Operations
  • Business Support
  • Leisure Development
  • Hospitality and Catering
  •  Lifeguarding
  •  Health and Wellbeing