Walk To Work Day 7th April 2017

By Everybody Sport April 6, 2017

Walk To Work Day 7th April 2017


Walking is a great form of exercise to keep you active, it’s free, relaxing and is a bit of you time before and after work.Whatever you enjoy, whether it’s a leisurely, brisk or a fast pace walk all methods will make such a difference to your health and fitness levels.

Walking to work with a friend or colleague always helps, this is a great way to encourage and motivate each other to keep physically active as well as catching up with friends and burning lots of calories.

If you live too far away from your workplace, why not park your car further away from work or maybe you could get off the bus a couple of stops before to increase your physical activity and walk those extra few steps and before you know it walking will be a part of your everyday life.

Why not get the whole family involved, build it in to your weekends and it will soon be part of your routine as well as keeping everybody active.

The benefits of increasing you physical activity:


  • Reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis, obesity
  • Joints, tendons and ligaments are more flexible
  • Help maintain a healthy weight
  • Increases your energy levels
  • Helps to relive stress, anxiety and depression
  • Reduces the chances of getting cancer

We have a range of funded health programmes to help you become more active, lose weight, eat healthy and reduce your risk of falling. Your health is important to us and we want to help you.


How we can help



Why not set you or your workplace a challenge and join our Actilife programme

Actilife is aimed at getting people more active, through using a Garmin Vivoki activity tracker, to monitor physical activity levels. You can see how inactive (or active) they are, view their intensity levels and also track sleep activity.

At the beginning you will be invited to a consultation, where a coach will set up your Garmin Vivoki activity tracker and explain fully how the tracker and programme will work. You will get access to an online coach for 12 weeks to provide advice and support.

In addition, on the Actilife programme you will receive notifications and triggers to give you updates and encouragement along the way.

During an initial consultation, with a lifestyle coach, they will discuss your current lifestyle and fitness levels and set achievable physical activity goals.

Walking Football


Want to… Have Fun? Improve your health? Socialise with friends? Then come and join us for Walking Football at an Everybody centre near you! No previous experience required, just enthusiasm to enjoy an hour of fun! To find out more information please visit our walking football page.

Nordic Walking


Visitors to local parks may have noticed people walking with what look like ski poles! Nordic walking is the fastest growing fitness activity in the world with over 10 million enthusiasts now regularly taking part in what was originally used by super fit cross country skiers as a way to stay fit during the summer and winter months.

At Everybody we have qualified nordic walking instructors to lead you on exciting trails and landscapes. Find out more about the types of courses we offer and how to get started by visiting our nordic walking page.