Sam Inspired By Volunteering with Everybody

By Everybody Sport April 10, 2017

Sam Richardson joined the volunteer programme in 2011 with a passion for Sport & Leisure and starting his degree in Sports Development & Coaching at Staffordshire University.

Over the past 6 years Sam has developed as a person, become a fantastic coach and role model to many young people. He has helped develop programmes, including the volunteer programme itself.

Sam has now completed over 800 voluntary hours for the Everybody Volunteer scheme and been involved with a variety of roles including; Street Sports, Disability & Inclusion, Holiday Clubs, stewarding for the Olympic Torch Relay and was project lead for a Street Games Residential in Glasgow!

Sam Said “The volunteer programme has not just enabled me to gain valuable experience within the sport and leisure industry, it has also provided me with a variety of training and development opportunities, all of which have significantly supported my personal development. In 2013 not only did I graduate with my degree, but I was also offered the opportunity to become a Sports Coach with Everybody. Alongside being a sports coach, I continued volunteering and also continued with my studies at Staffordshire University, where I enrolled on a Master’s Degree in Youth and Community Work.”

Having really enjoyed and appreciated the support and opportunities provided by the volunteer programme, Sam was inspired to focus his 2016 master’s dissertation on the volunteer programme. The title of the dissertation was; How relevant is the Giving White Paper (2011) in supporting a local youth work volunteer programme?

Sam finished by saying “Since joining the Everybody Volunteer Programme, the support and opportunities have been brilliant and I feel extremely proud to be part of the volunteer programme. Finally, I want to thank everyone who has supported me with my master’s dissertation, particularly the volunteer programme and all the staff and volunteers who were involved in the study. Also, thank you to my supervisor Nicola Gratton and everyone else from Staffordshire University Creative Communities Unit, everyone’s support made the study possible so thank you all very much.”

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For more information about the study or questions please contact the author of the study Sam Richardson at the following email address: [email protected]