Re-Shape Member Tom Loses An Incredible 2 Stone In 11 Weeks

By Everybody Sport June 5, 2017

Re-shape member Tom loses an incredible 2 stone in just 11 weeks.


Tom joined the Re-Shape Group at Everybody Sport and Recreation’s facility Holmes Chapel Community Centre, after noticing he was struggling to run around the park with his kids, felt overweight and explains he hardly fitted in his clothes.

In just 11 weeks Tom explains “I’ve lost over 2 stone, I fit my clothes better, I’ve had to go down a size in my clothes, I’ve got more energy and feel less stressed at work.”

“There is no set target, there is no pressure, the weigh in’s aren’t within the group, its great to get information from trained nutritionist’s, its people who know their stuff and you can trust the information you are given. The trainers are motivational and that helps as well.”

Different topics vary each week from portion sizes, looking at fats, sugars, Tom explains even though his job is in the health care sector he really learnt a lot he didn’t know about nutrition.

Tom’s advice for anyone thinking of joining the programme would be to “Just go for it, don’t be frightened about it, the other people in the group are in the same position as you and everyone is there to support each other.”

There is a great support network in the group, Tom explains how some members meet up outside of the group and attend classes and activities together.

Re-Shape is a 12 week weight management programme that offers practical, no nonsense advice, helps you overcome barriers to weight loss, make sensible food choices and become more active. With the support from Everybody Sport and Recreation’s Lifestyle Coaches, you will ensure that the changes you make are sustainable; it’s easy with the right help and support.

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