Heart Attack Survivor Stephen Makes Lifestyle Changes A Priority

By Everybody Sport February 16, 2018

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Heart Attack Survivor Stephen Makes Lifestyle Changes A Priority.

Stephen Pennell (Left) and Kevin Morris- Lifestyle Coach (Right)

In January 2017, Stephen Pennell suffered a heart attack and decided to join Everybody Leisure’s Cardiac Rehabilitation programme to ensure he made changes to his lifestyle, safely through exercising.

Since joining the programme, Stephen’s exercise levels have increased and he has joined Everybody Leisure’s Aqua Fit sessions, his blood pressure has reduced, and Stephen’s confidence levels have increased. Not only this, Stephen has lost an incredible 11 stone through an external healthy eating programme.

After Stephen had a heart attack he wanted to strengthen his heart and muscles but wanted to be monitored to ensure he was doing it correctly.

Stephen first met Everybody Leisure’s, Lifestyle Coach Kevin at Leighton Hospital, after Kevin provided a talk, something he does on a regular basis at the hospital. From this, Stephen decided to join the Cardiac Rehabilitation Classes at Crewe Lifestyle Centre which runs on Fridays 11:30am -12:30pm.

Stephen describes that his exercise levels were ‘Shocking’ before joining the programme, now Stephen explains, “My exercise levels have improved, I am getting there with my self esteem. Things like stairs are a lot easier than they used to be. I had a foot problem which is not as bad due to the weight loss and I also have a lot more energy.”

He continues “The classes were friendly and very supportive, after having a heart attack I was worried about pushing it too far but Kevin was very experienced and supportive.”

Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation Classes are a crucial part of recovery and prevention for people who have suffered a cardiac event.  The 6 month programme aims to reinforce positive lifestyle changes, encourage participation exercise and maximise physical function.

The classes offer safe and effective exercise under the guidance of a qualified exercise professional (British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation) to help with long-term maintenance of physical activity or lifestyle change.

Stephen explains, “There was a good variety of exercises and it was also nice to meet people in similar situations as there was advice available not only from Kevin but advice from others about any aches and pains we were experiencing.”

“For people in the same situation having had a heart attack, I would recommend the programme because of all the support and guidance that I received.”

If you’re interested in joining Everybody Leisure’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Classes please speak to your GP or Cardiac Nurse to be referred. If you would like any more information please contact Everybody Healthy: email: [email protected].


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