Couples Valentine's Day Workout!

By Laura Ratcliffe February 13, 2019


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, why not change things up a bit and go for a couples workout with your significant other! Everybody have a range of demo videos to show you how to perfect a range of exercises, just click the links to see how they should be done!

You can do the exercises with your partner, friend or a colleague and they can be done at any of our Leisure Centre’s! Complete them as a team and motivate each other as you go!

Core ball rotation twists: Get working on your abs!

Go for an over and under, focusing on your core and shoulders!

Tone your stomach muscles with the medicine ball passes!

There’s always time for squat passes, right?

How much do you trust your partner? Try out these wheelbarrow squats!

Do you fancy a bit of a competition? BURPEE CHALLENGE!

Try a side plank pass to really test your core!

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We’ll repost the best ones! Happy Valentine’s Day!