How Everybody can keep you on trend with your fitness journey

By Laura Ratcliffe February 22, 2019

Group training is a huge fitness trend for 2019 and Everybody offer a range of classes and group fitness activities, including Group Cycling, AquaFit, Zumba and Walking Netball! Take a look at our range of classes here.

Personal training is of course a trend again this year! Personal training allows you to work closely with a trained professional who can help you set and reach your goals whilst also educating you on all things health and fitness. Everybody has 12 personal trainers at a range of our locations that can help you with all your PT needs.

Fitness Programmes for the older generation has become popular recently. Staying fit and healthy is extremely beneficial for older people as it helps to keep their bones and muscles strong. Our classes are open to anyone and any ability. As well as our range of classes we offer a falls prevention scheme called “Be Steady Be Safe” that is specifically designed for people 65 and over! It is a FREE 24 week programme consisting of balanced retraining exercises and prescribed home exercises!

Another big trend is wearable technology. People are interested in tracking and monitoring their workout performance in a range of ways. So if you’re into seeing the ins and outs of your workout, come down to Everybody where we offer MyZone, which is a heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. MyZone puts a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness.

Functional exercises are growing in popularity, doing exercises that can benefit your everyday life can prove very helpful! Functional exercises are said to improve balance, power and coordination to improve your ability to perform everyday tasks. Our health and fitness advisors here at Everybody can help you with improving your everyday life in more ways than one…

High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been very popular for many years, and it’s only set to become more of a trend! It’s an advanced form of interval training with alternating periods of short intense exercise with less recovery periods which helps to burn calories & really works your body to the max!! We offer HIIT classes at a range of Everybody locations – sign up for a class to see what the fuss is all about.

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