Top tips for getting in shape this Spring

By jadegriffin March 29, 2019

Spring is here, so why not try and achieve some of your fitness goals this season! Here are our top tips for keeping on your game this Spring…

Focus on your athletic gains instead of aesthetic gains: Improve your strength, performance, stamina and consistency. Improve your athleticism and the body will change with it.

STOP comparing yourself to others: comparing your journey to other peoples is not going to help you. Focus on yourself and your own journey. If you spend too much time focusing on other people, you end up cheating yourself.

Find a workout you enjoy, and stick with it: you’ll be more likely to commit to a workout routine if you find it fun and actually enjoy it. You’re going to be more enthusiastic and motivated to do it if it doesn’t seem like a chore!

Don’t give up if you aren’t seeing results: THEY WILL COME. There’s always going to be highs and lows in a fitness journey, but don’t stop because you don’t see changes you want straight away.

Set goals that you know you can accomplish: setting unattainable goals can make you feel demotivated and you might give up on your fitness journey. Set goals you know you can achieve to spur you on when you do.

If you don’t like it – don’t do it: If your fitness routine isn’t making you happy – then change it! There’s so many ways you can live an active lifestyle, so find one that allows you to enjoy it.

Always warm up before you work out: you need to prepare your muscles for high intensity exercise. It will also put you in the best position to have optimal performance during your workout.

And finally, be good to yourself: You’re human, so be patient, give it your all, and look after your body.

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