How to set yourself fitness goals you can actually achieve.

By jadegriffin May 3, 2019

Setting goals is a great way to motivate yourself on a health and fitness journey, and there is no greater feeling than reaching your goals! But how do you properly set realistic goals that you can actually achieve?

  • Set one goal at a time: Trying to do too much at one time can mean you aren’t completing each individual goal to the best of your ability, and not achieving every goal could make you feel negatively about your fitness journey. Set and complete goals one at a time – before making your next goal bigger and better!
  • Make your goals your own: Tailor your goals to you, don’t follow what someone has told you is good on Instagram. We always see images of what fitness ‘should’ be like – but in truth, fitness is different for everyone. Make your goal something YOU want to do and what excites you, you’re more likely to achieve it that way.
  • Take your time: Rome wasn’t built in a day – and you won’t be either. Good things take time, so don’t rush yourself, take it slow and work on it. See your goals as a long term lifestyle change – not just a quick fix.
  • Create smaller goals on your way to your main goal: Is your main goal to run 5k, if so, celebrate when you reach 1, 2, 3 and 4 along the way! These not only show that your goal is coming, but also motivates you to keep going and shows the progress you’ve made.
  • Be honest with yourself: don’t set goals that you know you won’t achieve. It’s important that you’re honest about your past habits and ask yourself some tough questions before you set your goals.

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