April- Stress Awareness Month

By jadegriffin April 14, 2020

Stress Awareness Month

If you want to alleviate your stress why not become more physically active? Release those endorphins and get that feel good factor.

With everything that’s going on, it can be a stressful time and we want to help. We are here to provide you with lot’s of free online resources to help you keep active and eating healthy at home. It’s great to keep up with your usual routine or plan some new things in to your day.

We have a range of healthy recipes, workout cards, exercise classes on our YouTube channel or live exercise classes in our Everybody Member Zone Facebook Group, with over 20 sessions to choose from, we have something for everybody.

From Everybody Stretch and Tone: A series of gentle stretches and movement sequences designed to strengthen and increase flexibility, ends with 4 minutes of relaxation to Everybody HIIT: Bodyweight high intensity interval training, focusing on explosive, athletic movements, strength movements, agility training and 1 minute challenges.

We have also launched Everybody Get Moving classes: low impact classes, designed to get people moving and enjoying exercise and Everybody Mobility: A range of seated and standing exercises – low impact, for people with health conditions, mobility issues or new to exercise.

If you would like to find out more information about our health and fitness support please visit www.everybody.org.uk/everybody-online-health-and-fitness-support/. Join our Everybody Member Zone Facebook Group for support and live exercise classes: www.facebook.com/groups/everybodymembers/ or if you are not on Facebook, visit our YouTube channel for exercise videos: www.youtube.com/user/EverybodyLeisure/videos

Disclaimer: Please take reasonable precautions to prevent damage or injury. Please do not participate in workouts if advised by your doctor against. If you are unsteady on your feet, not very mobile or new to exercise please start the exercises seated, be safe and have fun.

Here are some of the benefits regular exercise can have:

1: It can make you happier: exercise is known to improve your mood and reduce feelings of depression, stress and anxiety. It produces changes in the parts of the brain that stress is produced. It also increases the production of endorphins which are known to produce positive feelings. It doesn’t matter how intense your workout is – your mood can change from any type of exercise at all!

2: Weight loss: this is more of an obvious one, and one of the main reasons why people start exercising! Regular exercise allows your body to burn more calories and fat, therefore resulting in weight loss – this should be done in conjunction with a reduction in calorie consumption.

3: It’s good for your muscles and bones: Exercise such as lifting weights stimulates your muscles. Exercising actually releases hormones that encourage your muscles to absorb amino acids! This is what helps them grow. Exercise can also help in building bone density, running known to help!

4: Increases energy levels: exercise is known to dramatically increase energy levels over 6 weeks, as well as being able to reduce the effects of chronic fatigue syndrome! It can help boost the energy levels of both healthy people and those suffering with health issues.

5: Reduces your risk of chronic disease: lack of regular exercise is actually a primary cause of chronic health issues. Exercise decreases blood pressure and fat levels, as well as improving insulin sensitivity. Not exercising can lead to diabetes and heart disease!

6: It can help your skin: not one you’d think exercise would help, but actually, regular exercise can drastically improve skin health. Blood is regularly pumped around the face, which can help the delay the appearance of ageing skin! Yes, exercise really can stop you ageing!

7: It can help your brain memory and health: exercise increases your heart rate which encourages the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain. As well as that, it actually produces hormones which can enhance the growth of brain cells.

8: It can help you sleep and relax: working your body allows you to get ready for sleep, winding your body down. The energy reduction that happens during exercise stimulates sleep.

9: It can reduce pain: Exercise is known to be able to drastically reduce pain. Exercise helps relieve chronic pain and is recommended as a way to help.

So, all in all regular exercise offers many benefits that can improve so many aspects of your life! Just 150 minutes of exercise a week can improve your health in so many ways…

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