“I definitely don’t take the gym for granted anymore” shares Everybody Member Nicola

By jadegriffin October 8, 2020

 “I definitely don’t take the gym for granted anymore” shares Everybody Member Nicola

Nicola Bruce from Crewe is a member at Shavington Leisure Centre and is part of Everybody Sport and Recreations Talented Athlete Support Scheme.

Nicola shares, she joined as a member at Everybody Sport and Recreation because of the “location, good reputation, wide variety of classes, equipment and facilities.”

Since becoming a member Nicola shares she finds it easier to track her progress and stick to a training plan when she goes to the gym knowing what she aims to achieve with each workout. “I exercise consistently and the friendliness of the staff makes me want to keep coming back. I also know that I can ask them for help and advice any time I need to.”

She continues “My sport of choice is running ultramarathons (and I do all of my running outside), so I use the gym for cross training (mainly rowing and strength workouts, but also occasional cycling). My favourite class is definitely yoga…it makes sure I have at least one deep stretching session per week, and it helps me to feel relaxed and in balance.”

Nicola shares how she has found being back at Shavington Leisure Centre since Everybody Sport and Recreation reopened their facilities on a phased approach “BRILLIANT!!! So great to have the facilities available again. I actually prefer having to book a session as it gives me accountability. Once I have booked, it goes in my diary and I turn up like I would to any other appointment. Without booking, it’s much easier to miss a workout.”

Before returning to the leisure centre, Nicola has shared that she felt nervous coming back because she didn’t really know what to expect “Now I prefer the layout of the gym…everything is more spread out so you’ve got loads of space, and the cleaning stations are plentiful and well-stocked, so you know everywhere is clean and safe.”

She continues, “There is really nothing to worry about. Just let the staff know that it’s your first trip back since lockdown and they will walk you through the facility like they did with me. It really put me at ease that I knew where everything was, I knew to follow the one-way system, and the staff were so friendly and chatty…genuinely pleased to be welcoming people back. So don’t put it off any longer…your gym is missing you!”

“Being back at the gym means I can now get back to serious training ready for a big event next spring, involving all of the Everybody centres (watch this space!). It’s such a relief to have the facilities open again.

I definitely don’t take the gym for granted anymore! Feeling very fortunate to have such a great team helping out with my fitness goals.”

If you would like to find out more about the changes Everybody Sport and Recreation have made to their facilities to make it safe for their staff and customers since reopening, visit: www.everybody.org.uk