How to keep connected with Everybody

By Laura Ratcliffe October 22, 2020

Times are weird right now, and it’s important we take any opportunity to feel ‘normal’. Whether it’s arranging a quiz with friends (yep, we’re back to quizzes!!), keeping up with your usual routine, whether that’s taking part in your favourite exercise class or a personal training session. Keeping up with your usual routine and staying connected has never been more important, and it’s something we mustn’t forget as we go along this journey, working from home, lockdowns, and all the other challenges life brings!

If you need to stay at home or maybe you are not ready to return to our facilities, why not try our online live classes, a great way to get some social interaction whilst you workout! Find out all about our online community by joining the Everybody Memberzone Facebook Group! A great place to chat, workout, and talk all things fitness

Visiting our centres is a great way to keep up with your routine and stay active in a COVID secure setting. Our friendly health and fitness advisors are always available to support your session, whether that’s designing a programme or helping you navigate around the site. Our group exercise classes are always filled with friendly faces and working out in a group setting will really get those endorphins pumping.

Change your environment! Live with your workout partner? Visit one of our centres for a change of scenery and workout together, follow your favourite session or get a programme from one of our amazing health and fitness advisors. Getting out and into a different space can do wonders for your mental health and drastically improve your mood (plus you might return to tea on the table!!)

We are here for you and your health and fitness needs. Book a session with us now