Get your gym bag ready with Everybody

By jadegriffin March 30, 2021

As we draw closer to re-opening, it’s time we get prepared! What do you always keep in your gym bag? We are here to make sure your gym bag is stocked with the best and you don’t forget anything important.

Water bottle – the most important thing to bring with you! It’s vital that you stay hydrated during a workout, you lose fluid when you train so you need to replace it so you can maintain your optimum performance level. We have water bottles available to purchase from our centres – and they fit in the spaces on the kit (isn’t it the worst when your bottle doesn’t fit?!)

Towel – this one is a bit of a no brainer, and we need this after a sweaty session (and let’s not lie, during!) we have the perfect sized towel available to purchase.

Gym bag – do you come and visit us before or after work? Then you’ll know how helpful a good gym bag can be, you need something that can store your gym necessities. Although it’s not the most important thing – it’s nice if your bag looks nice right?! Our gym bags are great for fitting everything you need and available at site to purchase.

Heart rate monitor – the new in thing! Something great to measure your performance and track your progress over time, it’s not a necessity but it’s great to have and really good for interval training. We sell Myzone belts in our centres, find out more about them here

Locker coin – the most simple thing that causes the most annoyance when you don’t have one! But fear not, our centres are stocked up with locker tokens for just £1! You’ll never have the nightmare of not being able to safely store your things!

Wash kits – following our re-opening in April, our changing rooms and shower facilities are available! Take some time to refresh following a killer workout, you can use one of our wash kits to feel fresh after you train.

Hoodies – rep your gym with our hoodies! The perfect item to throw on after a workout, we wanted to make sure our hoodies provided the ultimate comfort, and they are available to purchase at Everybody @ Alderley Park.

What’s in your gym bag? We want to see your bags packed and ready to get back to the gym. Tag us in your gym bag photos on social media (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!). If you would like to purchase any of our Everybody branded merchandise, please speak to our reception staff when we reopen and they will happily help.