By Matthew Shannon December 7, 2021

Do you like working as part of a team? Do you enjoy helping others have fun playing sports or taking part in activities?

Come and join us! We are looking for enthusiastic, fun activators to help us
ensure young people have fun in a safe, friendly environment.

The Ability For All Activators provide a range of inclusive activities for young people with an impairment or additional support need, to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. This role will be supporting and caring for young people and will involve the setting up and delivering of various sports, crafts and fun activities ensuring that the individuals participating are active and enjoying themselves.

We interviewed two of our loyal staff members, Sam Richardson and Sharon Burrows to see how they find working in the Activator job roles.


Sam Richardson:


How long have you been doing this role?

I started the role as a coach on the Ability For All programme in 2013.

What do you enjoy most about your job & the Ability For All sessions?

Working with all the participants and their families and witnessing the joy and delight they get from attending the Ability For All sessions.

Why did you want to become an Ability For All Activator?

From initially volunteering at the Ability For All sessions I thoroughly enjoyed working with all the participants and staff, so when the opportunity arose to become a coach I knew it was a job I would enjoy.
What does your role entail?

Supporting all the participants at the sessions and delivering inclusive fun and safe games/activities.

Sharon Burrows: 


How long have you been doing this role?

I have been supporting the Ability For All programme for 5 years now.

What do you enjoy most about your job & the Ability For All sessions?

I find each session satisfying, especially when the children join in with activities. No 2 days are the same and it is such a rewarding role.

Why did you want to become an Ability For All Activator?

As a self-employed sole trader I found I had some spare time to give so I wanted to use it productively and started as a volunteer with Everybody which then opened the door to become an Activator.

What does your role entail?

I have led Family Dance sessions which involved adapting routines for children with additional needs, dancing and playing dance related games. Before Covid I also led and assisted in Boccia sessions which involved making up games, collecting balls and cleaning equipment.  I have attended Playworld sessions where I play hide and seek and run around the soft play area. I have also assisted in the cycling sessions, encouraging them to ride bikes and help build confidence. I’ve also assisted in Multi activity sessions, playing tennis, skittles and football.


We currently have two roles available, why not come and join our team: Casual Ability for All (Everybody Activators) and Volunteer Ability For All Activator. Find out more here

We believe that leisure and learning activities are not passive ways of spending time, rather a way of gaining enjoyment, satisfaction, achievement, pleasure and inclusion.

Check out our video so you can get a real feel of what’s involved!

We also have volunteer opportunities available too!

Our Volunteer Programme may provide you with the platform for your perfect role within the sport and leisure industry. Even if this isn’t your chosen career path, the skills and knowledge you will learn to work with people and as part of a team will help you develop as a person and give you the experience you need for your CV!

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