Member Spotlight - Shavington Leisure Centre

By Matthew Shannon September 2, 2022

Member Spotlight
Shavington Leisure Centre


Guest written good news blog by – Thomas Burt ( Social Media Lead & Receptionist)     

Ash is one of Shavington Leisure Centre’s early morning regular members, he is currently going through the recruitment process to become an RAF Regiment Officer. He came from a boxing background, which he did competitively for over 15 years, he also has experience in football policing and working as part of the riot unit. During the Covid-19 pandemic Ash had the opportunity to reassess things, and realised he wanted to challenge himself further at a later stage of his life and felt this was the right time. He wanted a role that was physically demanding, needed strong leadership skills and was in a highly disciplined environment.

The recruitment process involves rigorous fitness tests, including the bleep test, strength tests, timed runs and swims. Ash excelled in all aspects of fitness testing, which is testament to his hard work and commitment to training. Ash trained to improve his fitness levels, and to become the best he could be. He needed to take his training to the next stage to make sure he was prepared.

(Left to right – Martha Chambers, Ash, Cobi Bateman, Amy Stonehewer)

Ash chose to train with us here at Shavington because of the centre’s friendly atmosphere and helpful staff. Particularly citing Ian’s military and fitness expertise background which helped him not just on the fitness side but what to expect and the right mindset. He also mentioned the helpfulness of Martha, Anthony, Cobi and Amy assisting him to be able to perform the bleep test in the hall and preparing for specific parts of the tests. Ash has been able to mirror the fitness tests he would face and push his training to ensure not only did he meet the entry standard but excelled and showed himself in the best light. Ash has nothing but positive words to say about the centre and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Ash has worked unbelievably hard, and we have been very impressed by the progress he has made to better himself further and he has been inspirational to everyone. Ash also wanted to mention how his partner Emma who has helped him on his fitness journey, working together they have been able to drive, encourage and support each other.

Finally Ash wanted to add that age should never be barrier and it is never too late to decide your path in life. Nothing in life comes easily but with hard work, commitment, and dedication anything is possible if you focus and drive yourself. Ash has now completed everything required of him and is awaiting further contact from RAF with regards to the position.
All of us here at Shavington wanted to say a massive well done to Ash and to wish him all the best in his future endeavours!

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