How Everybody Health & Leisure are supporting keeping woman in sport

By Matthew Shannon October 26, 2023

How Everybody Health & Leisure are supporting keeping woman in sport

During the summer, we made a supportive announcement about our new initiative called Caught Short Kits which are now available in all of our leisure centres across Cheshire East. These kits have been introduced to provide free sanitary and personal hygiene products for those moments when you find yourself in need, without having to feel embarrassed.

In a recent report by Marketing Week, according to St Mary’s University, one in four girls drop out of sport due to a lack of product to support their needs and resources to help manage their cycles. (Source – Marketing Week)

Similar to our Caught Short Kit initiative, Adidas has developed a corresponding concept known as the (PE)riod Lesson Plan. This free resource is aimed at schools, parents, and coaches, providing them with valuable tools to assist young individuals in effectively managing their menstrual cycle through proper nutrition and exercise. The primary objective of this programme is to encourage more girls and women to actively participate in sports by offering support in this essential aspect of their lives. (Adidas on its strategy to stop women dropping out of sport)

We believe that every woman should have an equal opportunity to participate in sports regardless of age, situation or ability level. We are actively working towards keeping women in sports by providing the necessary resources and educational initiatives. Everybody support empowering women to pursue their sporting passions and break barriers. With our continued efforts, more women will be inspired to participate in sports and feel comfortable when attending active environments.  

Nichola Foulkes, England Netball Development Officer – Cheshire, shared:

“Enabling females to be physically active in non-judgemental environments where they feel supported is key to encouraging women and girls to stay active across their lives. By mid-life there is a rollercoaster of hormones that often results in a weakened pelvic floor, even the fear of something can be a big barrier. The inclusion of personal hygiene products in the Caught Short Lockers, now provided by Everybody Health & Leisure is an amazing way to support people individuals, knowing that without fear of embarrassment, help is always on site if required.”

According to the National Library of Medicine and an article from NETBALLHer, one in three women across all sports experience pelvic floor (PF) symptoms such as urinary incontinence during training/competition, meaning women participate in sport at lower rates than men and face unique challenges to participation. To support this, an article from Sport England talks about periods not needing to be a barrier and discusses why periods don’t have to stop play.

How do you access our Caught Short Kit products?

You can find our Caught Short Kits in lockers available at all of our leisure centres. Keep an eye out for posters placed on the back of toilet doors and in changing rooms.

These posters provide information about the locker’s location and the padlock code. Feel free to take as much as you need from the kits, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to approach a staff member who will be glad to assist you.

Caught Short Locker