The Benefits of HIIT: TRAIN the fitness class taking off

Philip Marmion

I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years and have been with Everybody since 2017.

Group exercise is something I’m passionate about. I love the diverse nature of group exercise from Les Mills GRIT to Move it or lose it, I enjoy the inclusivity and group dynamics that goes with it.

Building a community with my class participants where our collective efforts drive us towards shared success whilst embracing their diverse goals within the shared experience, this really excites me as an instructor.

It’s great making those connections with the group during a class gives me a buzz to see people enjoy themselves whilst achieving their goals.

Published: February 12th 2024

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The Benefits of HIIT: TRAIN the fitness class taking off

In this blog, we will explore the world of functional fitness classes and the numerous benefits it brings to your health, workout efficiency and overall well-being.

So, what is high intensity interval training? HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low intensity recovery periods. Interestingly, it is perhaps the most time-efficient way to exercise.
Typically, a HIIT workout will be 10–30 minutes in duration, despite how short the workout is, it can produce health benefits similar to twice as much moderate-intensity exercise.

HIIT Benefits:

1. HIIT can burn calories in a short amount of time

2. Your metabolic rate is higher for hours after HIIT exercise

3. HIIT can help you lose body fat

4. You can gain muscle using HIIT

5. HIIT can improve oxygen consumption

We all want to stay up to date with the latest fitness trends right? Well one of the latest additions to the gym is functional HIIT classes, which at Everybody, are called TRAIN.

What is TRAIN?

TRAIN is a dynamic fitness 30-minute session designed to provide a balanced and motivating workout experience. Participants rotate through various exercise stations, engaging in both solo challenges and collaborative group activities. Individual challenges focus on personal goals, while group challenges foster teamwork and a sense of community. This style of class offers a fun and competitive environment, promoting overall fitness improvement through a combination of strength, cardio, functional training and teamwork. Can you see yourself trying this class?

The Science Behind HIIT Training and TRAIN

The 30-minute high energy sessions are designed to get the most out of your workout. Looking at Everybody’s TRAIN class, it incorporates a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) format, bursts of intense exercise followed by brief periods of rest that can trigger powerful physiological changes. As stated by Women’s Health, “Studies have shown that regular HIIT exercise can boost your memory and make you sharper in everyday decision-making. One (potential) reason why, according to Mulgrew: “During a HIIT workout, you have to stay focused,”.


This functional training style can boost your metabolism, burns fat and improves cardiovascular health. Wherever you train, each instructor will bring their unique personality to the sessions keeping HIIT workouts fresh and interesting.  


Don’t let time restrictions and a busy lifestyle get in the way, discover how this energetic style of training is the solution for those with hectic lives and schedules. Achieve your fitness goals in shorter workout sessions, making it a game-changer for anyone looking to balance a busy life with their health and fitness goals. Sounds perfect right?

Fitness Instructors Influence

Fitness instructors tailor HIIT workouts to your fitness level whether you’re a fitness novice or an experienced enthusiast. The sessions encompasses customised workouts to suit your individual fitness levels. From beginner-friendly routines to advanced challenges, there’s an Everybody TRAIN variation for everyone! So why not dive into a new style of fitness and explore the benefits of high intensity interval training for yourself.

HIIT Training goes beyond the Physical

We all enjoy fitness classes contributing to our physical health, however there are also the mental and emotional benefits Including, the positive impact on your mental health and emotional well-being. Dynamic training methods can reduce stress, enhance mood, contribute to a more balanced lifestyle and also gives you the opportunity to meet great like-minded individuals, hitting that social aspect of our lives as well as fitness!

To conclude, you will leave your new workouts with a newfound appreciation for the versatility and effectiveness of this specific fitness training. Embrace the power of HIIT and more specifically, TRAIN and let it propel you towards a healthier, happier and more vibrant version of yourself. Get ready to unlock your full fitness potential in 2024! 

Find out more about keeping active and the range of fitness classes on offer at Everybody Health & Leisure here.


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