Everybody ESCAPE-pain Online Home Workout

Everybody Sport and Recreation, with the support of the Health Innovation Network, are trying to help and support people during the current difficult situation. We are providing online ESCAPE-pain exercise session workouts, usually delivered in our Everybody Leisure Centres, for people with chronic pain of the knee and hip.

Margaret Connolly, Senior Project Manager- Musculoskeletal, Health Innovation Network shares “Everybody Sport and Recreation are accredited providers of the ESCAPE-pain programme, and we’re really grateful for all you are doing to try and keep bringing the programme to those who need it most by virtual or online means, where it is safe to do so.”

Donna Williamson, Health Innovation Manager at Everybody commented, “It is more important now than ever that people are leading active and healthy lifestyles both for their physical and mental wellbeing.

“We had to make the decision to close our facilities, including classes which were aimed at the over 70’s or those with long term medical conditions. Therefore, we want to try the best we can to provide solutions for those customers virtually and are encouraging family members to help them to gain access.”

Disclaimer: Please take reasonable precautions to prevent damage or injury. Please do not participate in workouts if advised by your doctor against.