Everybody Wild Card Membership Terms & Conditions

  1. The Wild Card is at all times the property of Everybody and must be handed
    to the organisation on demand.
  2. The Wild Card is only valid in Everybody locations.
  3. The Wild Card is not transferable and must be used only by the person for whom it was issued. If transferred it will be forfeited. A PHOTOGRAPH FOR IDENTIFCATION PURPOSES WILL BE REQUIRED.
  4. All changes to personal details must be disclosed to reserves the right to refuse to issue or renew a Wild Card.
  5. The Wild Card must be available for inspection at any time and you will need to bring your Wild Card with you on each visit to our facilities to gain your relevant discount. If it cannot be produced or is in any way not valid, the full price for the activity may be required without the right of refund. Continuous refusal to present your card may result in the card being revoked.
  6. The Wild Card photograph must at all times be a true likeness of the holder. In the event of a change in the appearance of the cardholder, Everybody reserves the right to request a new photograph or refuse admission.
  7. Any loss of a Wild Card shall be reported immediately to.
  8. Any breach of these conditions will render the cardholder liable to forfeiture.
  9. Completion of the Wild Card or Membership Application form will be held to constitute acceptance of these conditions including the requirement for a photograph. Active Card and Membership Application forms will be stored, whether paper based or electronic.
  10. The Wild Card cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions and others made by Everybody.
  11. Please keep your Wild Card in a safe place as a administration fee will be levied to issue a replacement.
  12. Facilities may be withdrawn or restricted from time to time to perform essential repairs and refurbishment. Other facilities may provide the same or
    similar facilities.
  13. Sessions may be limited over Christmas and other holiday periods. Please see notices at the time.
  14. All prices are payable in advance and are subject to an annual increase.
  15. To avoid disappointment, please pre-book all applicable sessions. Wild Card Online Bookings may be made up to 8 days in advance.
  16. If using the Wild Card to access our fitness suites a joining fee of £19.99 will be required before entry to the gym.
  17. You must have a Wild Card to access online bookings. For further information please see our bookings policy at www.everybody.org.uk
  18. Any personal information you provide will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Act. We collect personal information, such as name, email, post code, gender, birth date, occupation and interests when you sign up so that we can process your membership, manage your account, and give you offers of products and services we think you would like. For more information on how we process your data please read our Privacy Policy www.everybody.org.uk/about/privacy-policy