Junior Gym FAQs

What is Junior Gym?

Junior Gym sessions are for young people aged 11-15 years old to access an Everybody Fitness Suite.

When are Junior Gym sessions?

Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to close.

How much do Junior Gym sessions cost?

Free for each individual with an Everybody membership. If an individual does not have Everybody membership, you can still use our facility on a Pay As You Go basis. See Price List.

Can the adult access the gym to just supervise the Junior?

Any adult accessing the gym floor will be classed as a gym user, regardless of whether they use the equipment or not, and the prices indicated above will apply.

How do I check in to use the gym?

All attendees for Junior Gym (young person and adult) must check in at the reception desk, not the digital check-in kiosks.

Can I use the gym straight away?

A mandatory induction must be completed by all Juniors aged 11-15 years old before usage of any gym equipment. Juniors aged 11-13 years old (inclusive) must complete an induction with a parent/guardian in attendance.

How do I book an induction?

Inductions can be booked directly at your local leisure centre by speaking to a member of staff or by completing the enquiry form on the Junior Gym webpage.

Can an adult supervise multiple young people in the gym?

Junior Gym sessions use a ratio of 1 Adult to 1 Junior. Any young person aged 11-13 years old (inclusive) must have direct supervision from their accompanying adult. A young person aged 14+ can use the gym without direct supervision, provided that the pre-screening guidance has been completed.

Can a different adult supervise the Junior attending a Junior Gym session?

Any paying adult (an Everybody member or casual customer) can supervise the Junior, once the Junior has completed the induction. It is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian attending the induction of the Junior to pass on the relevant information to the supervising adult.

What is meant by ‘direct supervision’?

‘Direct supervision’ means the accompanying adult must be able to safely assist and guide the Junior. The adult can do their own workout but must be in the same area of the gym as the Junior and able to see/hear them at all times on the gym floor.

Can Juniors use all the gym equipment?

Using guidance from governing bodies and industry best practice, the following allowances are in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all Junior gym users;

AgeCardiovascular EquipmentBodyweight ExercisesFunctional Training EquipmentResistance EquipmentFree Weights (Light)Free Weights (Heavy)
11 – 12 years oldXXX
13 years old√**X
14 years +

**can use light free weights when supervised by staff at a Next Gen Gym session.

A Gym Instructor at site will clarify any equipment which can or cannot be used depending on the age of the young person. Any person/s found to be using equipment outside the stated allowances may be asked to leave the session.

What other sessions does Everybody run for Juniors?

Everybody also runs Next Gen Gym sessions, enabling 11-15 year olds (inclusive) to access fitness suites under the supervision of a qualified Fitness Instructor. These sessions are run on a ratio of 1 Fitness Instructor to 8 Juniors and can be found on the timetable of your local leisure centre. Note: not all leisure centres run Next Gen Gym sessions, please consult timetable.

There are also studio-based group exercise classes for Juniors-only including Next Gen Circuits and family classes, for ages 5+, including Family Yoga, Family Group Cycling, Family Dance & Family Zumba. Note: these classes are subject to change, please consult timetable.

I have a question, who do I ask?

Please call your local Everybody leisure centre or direct you’re enquires via the following email address:  [email protected].