• If I am an Everybody member, can I use Alderley Park?

Yes. Existing members would be required to upgrade their membership in order to use the facilities at Alderley Park.

  • Why is the pricing different to other centres?

The facility at Alderley Park is a premium offer with state of the art equipment and highly trained staff members. The offer here is entirely bespoke and purpose built. Alderley Park is a separate facility to the ones we currently run. Facilities we run elsewhere (the likes of Wilmslow Leisure Centre) are contracted by Cheshire East Council and are therefore subsidised in some form, in order to provide something for everyone in the community and provide a great service that has lasting social impact. Although our aims with Alderley Park are in line with this, the contract at Alderley Park is a private, much more commercial one with Bruntwood. This means we are paying a commercial rent and are also not subsidised to run any of the offer at the park. That being said, as a charity, any surplus made at Alderley Park will go back into the business and be reinvested in the local community.

  • Is there a family membership option?

Yes. A family membership covers up to 2 adults and up to 3 children (17 and under). Our standard family membership starts at £89.99 p/m. Our premium family membership starts at £121.99 p/m.

  • Is there a joint membership option?

Yes. Our standard joint membership starts at £72.99 p/m. Our premium joint membership starts at £101.99 p/m.

  • What are the opening times?

Monday-Friday: 06:00-22:00. Saturday-Sunday: 08:00-17:00.

  • Will I get advice on the equipment?

Yes. We have recruited a specialised team of fitness experience leads. All of these staff members will be multi-skilled; they will provide inductions and ongoing support and guidance for all of our products and services.

  • Will I get advice on nutrition?

All of our fitness experience leads will have the necessary qualifications to provide advice on this. In addition to our standard offer, customers are able to purchase Personal Training sessions; where 1:1 support will be offered and tailored to the individual.

  • Will there be any physiotherapy on-site?

It is not currently planned for there to be a designated space for this in the facility. However, we will be looking to partner with local providers and offer discounted rates – as we do at some of our other facilities.

  • Can you pay as you go?

Yes – find our PAYG pricing here 

  • How much are casual classes?

A casual class is £9.99 and a casual Tripp class is £14.99. Find our full list of prices here 

  • Are there any discounted memberships for over 60?

No there is not a discount at Alderley Park. However, we do offer our discounted options memberships at the other 14 sites across Cheshire East, including Wilmslow Leisure Centre.

  • Is there a pool on-site?

No there is no provision for a swimming pool on site. However, a membership at Alderley Park gives customers eligibility to use our 9 indoor pools and the outdoor pool at the Nantwich site. Local pools include: Wilmslow Leisure Centre, Macclesfield Leisure Centre, and Knutsford Leisure Centre.

  • What is the pricing structure for all your sites?

Our pricing for our other sites can be found here . The standard headline rate across other sites is £43.99 p/m. The standard headline rate at Alderley Park is £61.99 p/m. However the corporate (for people working on site) is £32.99 p/m.

  • Will there be a refer a friend scheme and if so what will it offer? 

Yes. If you successfully refer a friend, you will receive one month free.

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