Everybody TRAIN at Crewe Lifestyle Centre

Everybody TRAIN uses a blend of HIIT workouts, functional training equipment and heart rate monitoring through MyZone.

Reap the benefit of using multi-functional machines, boxing stations, power bags, plyo boxes, kettlebells, slam balls, and battle ropes.

TRAIN allows people who are often short on time (early doors commuters, lunch time breaks or parents of young children) to get expert coaching in a small group fitness studio environment and be pushed to their limits to achieve results.

At Crewe we offer two different TRAIN class concepts: The original TRAIN class and TRAIN GOLD, our introductory TRAIN class.

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TRAIN Class Concepts


The original Everybody gym floor workout!

A 30-minute, circuit based HIIT workout, which will challenge and improve fitness levels, improve muscular strength and endurance, and increase cardiovascular function (heart and lungs).

The workout will use a range of equipment to drive your heart rate up and the bring it back down in timed recovery intervals. Scientifically proven to increase your fitness and suitable for all levels and abilities – our friendly and approachable coaches will tailor the level and options for every participant individually!


An introductory class, perfect for those new to TRAIN

TRAIN GOLD is a 30-minute workout, all about improving your mobility and fitness with no-to-low impact exercises.

This circuit style workout is based around the rig on the gym floor. Each round of work includes extended breaks to allow for recovery. A great way to start training in the gym and classes with friendly, helpful instructors!

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