What is an EXIGO Rig Workout?

A multi-station full body workout, designed to work the whole body in 30 minutes. Working the main muscles groups you will develop lean strength, while improving your core. Expect to squat, press and swing your way into your fitness goals. Led by one of our instructors they will design a varied workout so you don’t get bored again, adjusting the exercises and resistance to suit you as an individual.

More about the rig...

An area on the gym floor where you can use bodyweight or resistance exercises in a functional and strengthening capacity. With the use of a squat rack, punch bag, slams balls or kettlebells there is something for everyone. It keeps the workouts interesting, and varied so you can make every session different. This will aide your fitness journey and help you reach your goals even quicker.

The 30-minute sessions are designed to pack a punch! Speak to an instructor when you’re next on site or book online to feel the benefits of your EXIGO Rig Workout.

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More information?

To make an enquiry or for more information about EXIGO Rig sessions, please submit the contact form and we’ll contact you.