Europe's hottest racquet sport has arrived at Alderley Park!

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In partnership with Pure Padel and Bruntwood.


For information on how to make a booking, please see our Questions & Answers section towards the bottom of this page.

Get ready for the very best on court experience in the game

  • Three brand new state of the art Padel courts, in a truly accessible setting
  • Club kiosk with access to lockers, vending machines, shaded seating, products and merchandise

10% discount on Pure Padel for Alderley Park members!



Questions & Answers

What is Padel?

Padel is a fun, actioned packed and accessible racket sport for all abilities and ages. A complete beginner with little to no racquet skills can have fun and dynamic rallies, with help from the court surroundings.

How is it played?

Padel is played on an enclosed court, very similar in appearance to a tennis court, but about one third of the size. It follows the same rules as tennis, with very similar balls, but serving is under-arm and the walls can be used as part of the game.

Who can play?

Anybody! The smaller court makes it easy for people of all ages and abilities to play Padel. In fact, some of the professional players are aged 40 and over! Played in doubles, Padel is a very social activity, making it ideal for families and groups of friends.




Check back here for regular updates on the Pure Padel, Alderley Park launch.


When will construction work begin and what does this mean?

Construction will begin from w/c 4th September. All tennis courts will be out of action for approximately 1-week, while construction takes place. Tennis will return to Alderley Park from w/c 11th September.

Three Padel courts will be created, replacing two of the current tennis courts. Each of the three Padel courts will be self-contained so no disruption to other courts.

When will Pure Padel launch at Alderley Park?

The first sessions will begin Monday 23rd October.

Who are Pure Padel?

Pure Padel partner with schools, charities and sports clubs to make Padel accessible to local communities. Inclusivity and accessibility is at the heart of their purpose and mission. They offer the very best on court experience in the game. State of the art surfacing & structures, in a truly accessible setting. To learn more about Pure Padel visit:

Is Padel included in my membership?

Pure Padel will not be included in an Everybody Health & Leisure membership package. A free trial of Pure Padel will be offered to members upon the launch. After the trial period it will be pay as you go for all players. Alderley Park members will receive -10% off their bookings. Non-members will pay the full advertised rate.

Do I need to book?

Yes, you need to book to play Pure Padel at Alderley Park. You will be able to start making bookings from Saturday 21st October.

How do I book Pure Padel?

The best way to book is by downloading the ‘playtomic’ app. Any queries about bookings need to be made via the app and Pure Padel customer service.

How much does Pure Padel cost?

Price to be confirmed by Pure Padel. We will update you ASAP.

How do I pay for Pure Padel?

All bookings and payments are processed in the ‘playtomic’ app.

Who can play?

Padel can be played by all ages and abilities. When making a booking on the ‘playtomic’ app. you can choose between a ‘private’ or a ‘public’ session. Private sessions allow individuals to turn up and play singles against a stranger.

When can I play?

Pure Padel is available to play any time during Alderley Park operational hours which can be found on the Alderley Park location webpage. Court booking hours will also be listed in the  ‘playtomic’ booking app. Off peak and on peak pricing applies.

What equipment do I need?

To play Padel you need to use specific Padel tennis racquets and balls. These will be available to hire, free of charge.

A Pure Padel club kiosk will also be installed, giving players access to weatherproof lockers, vending machines, shaded seating, products and merchandise to purchase.

What should I wear?

Appropriate sportswear and footwear, including t-shirts, shorts and trainers. Shorts with pockets are commonly worn as they can be used to carry extra Padel balls. Many Padel players wear standard tennis shoes. There is no colour code, however doubles partners often wear the same colour shirt.

Can I play Padel in all weather?

Yes, you can play Padel in any weather.

Why have you reduced the number of tennis courts at Alderley Park?

Bookings analysis showed the three tennis courts were under-utilised. By reducing tennis to one court and introducing a new product that is accessible, full of action and fun, we can achieve an outcome with benefits for all players. Court occupancy can be increased for tennis and more people can access opportunities for sport to improve health and wellbeing.

To show we are committed to tennis, we will be launching a sports fitness class, Cardio Tennis, at Alderley Park in spring 2024.

Badminton are still available at Alderley Park and Wilmslow. Squash is available at Macclesfield and Wilmslow.

Will the car park be able to accommodate increased number of Padel visitors?

Non-members i.e. Pure Padel only customers will be directed to use the multi-story car park. The Alderley Park car park will be for the sole use of Alderley Park members.

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