About Nantwich Brine Pool

The outdoor pool at Nantwich Leisure Centre is now open! Online booking is essential for outdoor swim sessions prior to your visit to avoid disappointment.

  • Everybody members will be able to book 8 days in advance, and 7 days in advance for non members.
  • To secure your session at the outdoor pool, visit the ‘Ticketed Activities’ section within the Leisure Hub.

We are excited to welcome everyone for a swim in our outdoor brine pool this season!

Outdoor Pool Information

Lanes: 6 lanes
Depth: 0.9m – 2.3m
Temperature: ~24°c

The outdoor pool first opened to the public on the 1st July 1935 and the pool water temperature is now maintained at 22°c and through solar gain is usually much warmer. Some of our older customers still reminisce about their school days at the pool, when they claim the water was only just above freezing point and they happily swam in it!

Nantwich Outdoor Swimming Pool Timetable

Casual Swimming at Nantwich

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Admission Policy Overview

  1. All children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by at least one adult on a 1:2 ratio in the water and changing area.
  2. Any children under the age of 4 must be accompanied by a parent on a 1:1 ratio, unless the child is wearing suitable flotation devices.
  3. Children aged 8 and above are to use their gender specific changing rooms where changing villages are not available.
  4. Children aged seven and under may use opposite gender changing rooms if being accompanied by parent or guardian.

Lending of Pool Equipment to Members of the Public

  1. Due to the issues and complications that can arise because of lending equipment such as armbands, floats, bricks etc. The policy of the management is that the lending of any such items is strictly prohibited. The swimming aids are only to be used as part of activities organised through the pool, be that regular club use or through the Learn to Swim Scheme.

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