Table Tennis at Sandbach

Table tennis has had an amazing trajectory as a sport over the years. Originating in Britain in the late 1800s, it was initially called Ping-Pong until the early 1900s when this name was trademarked. Starting as a humble parlour game, the love for table tennis quickly spread and by 1926 the Fédération Internationale de Tennis de Table was founded by 9 predominantly European nations. Despite it’s huge popularity as a sport, table tennis didn’t become an Olympic Games sport until 1988! Needless to say, the worldwide popularity of table tennis means it’s a mainstay at Sandbach Leisure centre. Book a table and have a go!

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Prices and Booking

Adult (Peak) £6.50 £5.50 £3.85
Adult (Off Peak) £5.50 £4.50 £3.85
Junior/Family (Off Peak) £5.00 N/A £3.85

Each session is 55 minutes long.

Please note: The change over of equipment is included within the hirer’s time.

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