Abby- Active Holidays Lead

Interesting fact about you? I worked at the IAAF World Athletics on the medals team where Mo Farah and Usain Bolt did their last races and gave them their last medals.

Favourite sport: Netball/Eventing(equestrian)

How long have you been coaching? 6 years

What you like about coaching? I love coaching all sport, my main sports are netball and dodgeball but I love to put a spin on things making games different.

What you enjoy about Active Holidays? Sport is for everyone whether you are the next world class athlete or someone who loves to socialise and be active enjoying a sport you love.

Active Holidays is the beginning of this journey: finding your passion, whether it be a specific sport, sport in general, being active and health, meeting new people.

My love for sport started at a young age in primary school, I knew then I wanted to be a coach and I’m lucky to have done that from the get go, sharing my passion and enjoyment of sport with younger children, bringing people out of their shell and find themselves and their own love and enjoyment for sport is what it is all about and Active Holidays allows children to do exactly that.