1. What is the Nantwich Leisure centre Quiet Zone? 

To become more inclusive and provide our SEN members with a more enjoyable environment to exercise in, we will be implementing a quiet period in the fitness suite. During this period, all music/radios and wall mounted TV’s will be turned off to create a calmer atmosphere. Unfortunately, we will not be able to adjust lights or turn the TV’s off on the CV equipment.

2.When will the Quiet Zone run? 

Starting from Sunday 21st January, it will be a two-hour session running from 16:00 – 18:00. The session is currently in a trial period for 6 weeks.

3. What will happen after the trial period? 

One of three things will happen, the session will either stop, the trial could be extended, or session will permanently be adapted into the programme. The decision will be based on customer usage and impact.

4. What about those who still want to listen to music? 

Customers can still listen to music when attending the fitness suite. This will be through their own personal devices with head/earphones. All other systems will be turned off.

5. Will the Centre be adapting to any other changes? 

With regards to loud noise, during the quiet period the use of PA system will be restricted to emergencies only. We will also be trying to encourage other users to be mindful of their own level of noise.

6. Will the sessions be an exclusive SEN session? 

The fitness suite will remain open to all our members. The only change that we be adapting is that there will be no noise through our televisions or music/radio being played in the fitness suite.

7.Do I need to be a member to attend, or can I just turn up and pay on the day? 

Access to the fitness suite remains the same as any other time. To use the fitness suite, users must have a live membership with Everybody Health and Leisure. Memberships options can include pay as you go, monthly or annual subscription. For any new member, there will also be a joining fee to pay. Membership prices vary pending on the option taken, please speak to a member of staff or visit our website for more information.

8. Is it possible to trial the facility before taking a membership? 

Yes, but only for adults. Anybody aged 18 plus is entitled to receive one of our free day passes, which will entitle the holder to access any of our Everybody Health and Leisure facilities with full access for 1 day. To get a free one-day pass, please visit our website and complete the request.

9. Can Juniors attend the sessions?

Yes, juniors can but Everybody Health and Leisure access restrictions will remain in place. All juniors must have an induction before attending. Those aged 14 plus can attend by themselves without an adult. Users aged 11 – 13, can attend but must attend with an adult who has also had an induction.

Juniors must also have parental consent before they start using the facility. This will be done as part of the induction process.

10. Do I need an induction to attend?  

For all adults, an induction is not compulsory but are available for all members. An induction will be with one of our instructors who will demonstrate how to correctly use the machines. For all juniors, they must have an induction before their first initial use of the fitness suite. Inductions are free and included as part of our memberships.

11. Can I bring a carer or PA to support me? 

In line with Everybody’s Health and Leisure Carer Policy. if a participant holds a current category: A, F, G, H, or I of our options membership and pay the required entry fee/membership to attend, This will allow a cared for person to bring one other person into the facility free of charge to function as their carer/PA and support them in their workout.

12. Will there be an instructor present to provide advice? 

All efforts will be made to ensure an instructor is present. On some occasions it might not be possible due to leave or sickness. A receptionist and the duty manager will always be available to provide further support within the building.

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