1. When will the swim changing room improvements take place?

Work will begin 22nd January and is expected to be complete by 26th April.

2. What improvements are being made?

Improvements are being made throughout the changing areas, including flooring, walls, ceilings, lighting, changing cubicles, shower cubicles, lockers, vanity units, hairdryers and decorative features such as mirrors. The changing areas will remain female and male separate spaces, there will not be a changing village at this location.

3. Why is it taking so long to complete?

We want to keep people active and enjoying uninterrupted time in the water. To avoid full pool or full changing area closures, we’ve put in place a phased maintenance plan. This means we’ll improve the changing areas zone by zone. So, where you get changed might be different during the maintenance but we’ll always have somewhere safe with as little disruption to your pool time as possible.

4. Should I arrive ‘swim ready’?

Yes. For all swimming pool activities, we encourage all swimmers to arrive ‘swim ready’. Changing areas will remain safe and secure but some facilities such as showers may be unavailable during your visit.

5. Will swimming lessons be disrupted?

No. The phased maintenance plan means swimming lessons won’t be disrupted. However, as works progress the location of your changing area might change. Staff will be on hand and signage available to help guide swimmers.

6. Will general swim, lane swim, Aquafit classes or clubs be disrupted?

There is a temporary swim timetable during the improvement works. We’ve kept changes to a minimum and been careful to make sure members, general public, schools and clubs can all continue to access the pool. The swim timetable can be viewed here.

7. How do I keep up to date with future information?

We’ll share important updates using the email address associated with your Everybody membership. Fitness members can check and manage their contact details by logging in to their Leisure Hub account. Updates will also be shared on the Sandbach Leisure Centre Facebook page.

8. Will other parts of the leisure centre remain open?

Yes. All other areas of the centre will be open, including the swim viewing area on the first floor.

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