Regulations and Conditions of Hire

1. In these regulations and conditions the ‘Trust’ means Everybody Health & Leisure and the ‘Hirer’ means the person(s) making the application for the hire of the premises, or the club/organisation on whose behalf the application is made.

2. The hirer and all persons present during the hiring shall comply with all statutes, by-laws and regulations relating to public use of the Leisure Centre.

3. The hirer shall be responsible for maintaining good order ensuring no alcohol is to be consumed within the hired room.

4. The hirer shall indemnify the Trust against all action, costs, claims, demands and all loss of, or damage to, Trust property that may arise out of, or in consequence of the hiring.

5. The hirer shall not sell or permit to be sold alcohol or any other liquid or solid refreshment on the premises, without the consent of the Duty Manager.

6. The hirer shall take all proper and necessary precautions for the prevention of accidents to persons, when using the Leisure Centre.

7. The hirer shall make good, or restore any damage to, or loss of, any property of the Trust caused by any person who may have entered the Leisure Centre in connection with the hiring.

8. The hirer shall provide sufficient helpers to set out and to replace all equipment and furniture that may be required in connection with the hiring and shall leave the Leisure Centre in a reasonable state of cleanliness.

9. The hire period is inclusive of activity and changing times -all persons must vacate the facility by the end of the specified hire period unless prior permission has been approved by the Duty Manager.

10. The Trust reserve the right to refuse any application or to terminate at any time, any agreement for hiring made in consequence of any application without being liable for payment of damages.

11. The Trust can accept no responsibility for loss or theft of articles from the premises.

12. The Trust reserves the right to amend or add to these conditions at any time.

Rules for Hire

Cameras may only be used in the facility with permission of the Duty Manager. Mobile phones are not permitted in changing

Occasionally centre staff may take photographs of activities in the centre to be used in promotional materials, if you do not wish your image to be used, please speak to a duty manager or receptionist.

Food and Drink:
All party bookings are self-catering, please ensure all children eat in the designated area. The centre does not provide cutlery, crockery, tablecloths, decorations, or kettles. If you require a hot drink, there is a hot drink vending machine in reception.

All party bookings are for 2 hours unless there has been an agreement made with the Duty Manager. There is an allocated 15 minutes before and after your party for set up and cleaning. Please adhere to this so we can have the room ready for the next party.

Electrical Equipment:
Any electrical items that are brought into the centre must be agreed by the duty manager prior to your party all items must hold a valid PAT certificate and a copy of the certificate will be required. This can include items such as disco lights, kettles, stereo systems.

The hirer must notify the centre of any cancellation at least 28 days in advance otherwise full payment will be due. Refunds will not be granted outside of this time. All deposits are nonĀ­ refundable. All cancellations must be made in writing and sent to the centre as verbal cancellations cannot be accepted.

Bouncy Castles:
The hirer will be asked to read the bouncy castle guidelines and will be asked to sign a copy on the day, for our records.

Complaints and Compliments:
The Trust has a corporate comments scheme. Leaflets for the scheme are available in reception. If you have a serious complaint, you should speak to the Duty Manager at the Centre immediately. We sincerely hope that you enjoy your event and ask that you do leave comments for us to help improve our facility. Feedback forms are available from reception.

The centre management reserves the right to enforce all the rules and regulations of the centre. The centre does not accept any responsibility for the loss of or damage to personal belongings.

Additional terms and conditions may be applicable to certain types of events and functions. These will be highlighted at the time of booking.