Everybody Learn to Swim Scheme - Returning to Swimming Lessons FAQs

When are swimming lessons resuming?

We are resuming swimming lessons on a phased approach from 7th September. We are writing to all swimming lesson parents directly with information about your lessons before the end of August.

Is the change in time temporary? Will it go back to normal at some point?

Initially these changes will run until January 2021 where they will be reviewed in line with the Government guidance. Provided there are no changes in guidance we hope to continue with these proposed times for the foreseeable future.


Can I watch my child swim?

If your child is under 8 years old you will be able to watch them swim, although some venues have restricted numbers and space in viewing areas so priority will be given to parents of the youngest swimmers and those with additional needs. If your child is over the age of 8, we will ask you to drop your child off in time for lessons and pick them up again at the correct times. We will be sharing more guidance for spectators in the coming weeks.


Do my children have to arrive ‘swim ready’?

Yes – we ask all parents to bring their children in their swimming costumes under clothing as use of the changing area will be restricted for the time being.


Can we use the changing rooms/showers after lessons finish?

Once the lesson is finished, you will follow the one way system and use the changing rooms on your departure, but please shower at home.


How are you going to ensure my child is kept safe?

The pool will have a ‘single use’ policy meaning only Learn to Swim lessons will be running. Teaching stations will be spread out along poolside and they will be delivering lessons from the poolside. We have also reduced class capacities across the board where appropriate to enforce social distancing. We are following guidance from the governing bodies to ensure our lessons and leisure centre are always Covid-secure.


Why has my class moved day/time?

We have included cleaning times throughout the day and introduced staggered lesson times to minimise customers crossing over in the changing village to ensure the environment is kept as clean as possible with minimal traffic in key areas of the building.


Will they have their normal teacher?

Where possible we have tried to provide the same teacher as previous. However, under these circumstances we cannot guarantee the same teacher as previous.


Do they have to wear swim hats?

Yes, we are still asking all children to wear the Everybody swimming hats that have been provided. You will not be able to borrow any at the venue.


Will there still be someone in the water with them?

Due to the most up to date guidance we will not be teaching in the water. If you are in a Parent and Child class or a Ducklings class we will be asking for an adult to be in the water with the child


Can I take my child onto poolside?

With the new one way system in place you will be able to take your child to the drop off point on pool side. Signage and information about how and where to access poolside will be displayed for your arrival.


What do we do if our child needs the toilet?

You will be able to take them but you must follow each Leisure Centres guidance on accessing toilet facilities. Signage and guidance will be clearly displayed around the leisure centre.


Can I suspend my membership for longer if I don’t feel my child is ready to come back?

Due to the current demand, we are unable to freeze Learn to swim scheme memberships. If your child is not ready to return on the dates provided, but you think they will be ready to return in the coming weeks, we would advise you to continue paying the membership to hold your swimmers place. If you cancel, we cannot guarantee the same day/time/teacher should you wish to return.


I can’t make the new time, what do I do?

Please get in touch here and let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your needs wherever possible.


What are the changing room arrangements?

Each site will have clear guidance on arrival for swimming lessons. All social distance measures must be followed in the changing rooms.


What if I pay by cash? What happens to my credits from the closedown period?

When lessons finished on the 24th of March, any credits owed have been carried over to September 7th therefore you will not miss out on any lessons.


Do I need to wear a face covering when visiting the centre?

Everybody Health & Leisure encourages the use of wearing a face covering when attending one of our facilities prior to taking part in an activity or as a spectator.

We will be advising customers around our centres of areas we encourage the use of face coverings, for example some swimming lesson spectator areas.  We would always encourage users to try to maintain social distancing of at least 2m in all areas around the facility. Wearing a face covering is a personal preference and not mandatory, we do appreciate this isn’t suitable for all users.


I have a question who do I ask?

Our Aquatics support team are available to help. Please call your local Everybody leisure centre or direct you’re enquires via the following email address:  [email protected].